Microminature Roses, anyone?

June 16, 2005

Does anyone on this forum grow these? I just received 4 of them from, and I have absolutely fallen in LOVE!! I have Si ("the world's tiniest rose, tops out at 7" tall), Lynn Gold, Orange Twist and Yellow Bantam. The buds on Si are about the size of a grain of rice. These little beauties are just so very cute....wish me luck in trying to be a good "rose mommy", OK?

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  • desertratrose

    I have Red Minimo and Live Wire. Very cute. Very bloomy.


  • cuyahogakid sells a micro called 'Hi' that has the most perfect five petal blooms. Another I like is 'Popcorn'; it blooms like mad.

    I have 'Si', 'Lynn Gold', 'Yellow Bantom', 'Hi', 'Popcorn', 'Sweet Fairy' and 'Tom Thumb'.

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  • bobkat13

    CuyahogaKid, where do you have them planted? In the ground, or in containers? Lynn Gold and Si are supposed to be hardy zone 6-10, and I've heard that you should subtract 2 zones from your own if you grow in containers. So I'm thinking I need to put those two in the ground, even though it's tempting to keep them in containers where I can admire them up close!

  • garden2garden

    I got 4 minis and 2 microminis from the Uncommon Rose a few weeks ago, too. I just love them. Easy to care for and sweet little blooms.
    My micros are Trinket and Baby Betsy McCall, both of which have bloomed. The Trinket had almost a little spray of blooms. The Baby Betsy McCall, has the sweetest little pink buds and when they open I swear they smell like baby powder.
    I'm planning to keep them and my other minis in pots.

  • cuyahogakid

    I do many different things with them. I keep them in small 1 gallon plastic pails (with drilled holes) and plant them around the garden. Actually I plant empty pails (also drilled ) and slide in the rose pails. I choose pails that stack and release nicely. I can have them planted, pick them up to work on and easily move them around the landscape. This summer I will plant some directly in the garden to see their full potential. I am always changing and trying new things.

    They spent last winter under shop lights in my attached garage. This winter, however; I am making cuttings to overwinter under the lights and plan to plant the old roses outside, in their containers (under burlap and leaves).

  • mutabilisny

    I got Lynne Gold as a tiny little thing about 2 months ago from Sequoia. It's been covered with flowers for the last month. One thing I like about the flowers is that they continue to look good as they age - they fade a bit but hold their shape so I can just leave them on the plant.

    I lost Si and Sweet Fairy last winter. They were my first roses and it was probably my own mistakes that killed them. I will definately replace Sweet Fairy (very fragrant) as soon as I can and I'll probably get Si again too someday. I've also been considering Yellow Bantam and Hi.


  • decobug

    My favorites are:

    Baby Austin
    baby cheryl
    Chasin' Rainbows
    circus clown
    joan austin
    little pinkie
    Live Wire
    Mighty Moe
    Red Imp
    sweet hannah
    tom thumb

    Some hold their blooms for a really really long time... I just love the itty bitty leaves... They are easy to dead head as well, just pull and snap...

  • Tenderheart_Zone5

    How neat! Thank you for starting this thread, Kathleen. :) I'm pretty new to Roses and this is the first I've heard of "microminiature" ones. I've bookmarked for future reference.

  • Kathy

    I just ordered No Worries from Nor'East. It's supposed to be here today -- I'll let you know what I think when it gets here.

  • bobkat13

    My little micromini, Orange Twist, has four blooms on it and looks really pretty lately. I'm definitely going to order more micros. Those teensy tiny leaves just crack me up and make me smile every time I see them, and I notice my granddaughter can't seem to resist them either. She's 6 and is my gardening buddy. I took her to the garden center one time and told her that I would buy her a flower....any flower she wanted. The "flower" that we ended up buying was a full size pink rosebush!

  • kentucky_rose zone 6

    I have Almost Perfect from Whitt Wells and love, love it! It's a sweet little red. I didn't expect to like it so much!

  • marisag

    I just got Almost Perfect last week. What a lovely little bloomer! Whit is pretty terrific too.

  • rosibug

    Can you tell me how I can get Almost Perfect from Whit? Do you buy them directly from him? I would love to have a list of what he offers!

    I have Tiny Flame, Lynne Gold, Live Wire, Cinderella, Baby Betsy McCall, Little Megan, Orange Rosamini, Red Minimo, Purple Fantasy, Cinearie, Small Fantasy, Circus Clown, Little Pinkie and Yellow Bantam. I just lost Si. I don't know why either. I am in zone 9 in Calif. and it's the middle of summer.

    Anyway, I love the micros, the minis, and the minifloras! I think they are all so perfect and beautiful!

    Terry/San Jose

  • Carol_WA

    I have two of them. They are planted in a standing pot holder that holds four pots. The blossoms are so small that I don't see much show value to them. I wouldn't buy them again but they are fine planted where they are. They are planted in pots with pansies. If they aren't at a higher level you wouldn't even pay attention to them because they are so small they would just blend in or be hidden. If I had several of them in a window box or something like that I might like them better.

  • drasaid

    It was a larger version of Hi, which I also have (it is not doing too well. One problem with Micros is that they are so small a slug or caterpiller can deleaf them in no time, and then weeds take over the pot before you see what is up. My lousy eyesight does not help.)
    My Hi is getting better. Hopefully soon it will be equal to Cinderella (fantastic.) and Baby Austin (also fantastic.)
    I have several Polyantha type minis like Mr. Bluebird and Blue Mist that have tiny blooms but bigger bushes. Those are fun too.

  • gdionelli

    My only micro is Cinderella -- she's darling and healthy. I purchased her from Bridge's.

  • kentucky_rose zone 6

    You should be able to contact Whitt at Wells Mid South Roses, phone #901-476-6064. Also, he has some very good mini's and mini-flora's! Love Memphis King, red mf that holds and holds. Good luck!

  • Cat_Roso

    Hi I've had great success with Charlie Brown a multicolored red and white striped mini with blooms about 1/2" to 3/4" diameter fully open. I keep it in a pot. It has been moved inside for the winter onto a sunny windowsill. It dropped all of it's leaves but has leafed out nicely with 1/4" leaves, maxed out height at about 8". I'm fighting blackspot but seem to be winning. (Yeah!)

  • gdionelli

    I'm having terrible problems this year with blackspot on many of my roses and minis, but Cinderella is completely untouched by it. And the plant habit is just gorgeous.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Cinderella at Bridges

  • petsitterbarb

    I started in minis ten years ago, and have seen many come and go through the years. My micro, Cinderella, is a little dream rose, year after year. I've just ordered a Baby Austin to keep her company. Hope it's even half as healthy and beautiful!

  • petsitterbarb

    My Baby Austin arrived this morning from Rogue Valley. Great packing and the little bush is just perfect, complete with buds! Can hardly wait to see the blooms!
    I just had my first baby canaries hatch this morning, and may have to name one of them Austin. What a GOOD day!

  • suzanne_ladyred

    What a delightful thread this is! I am in the process of putting together a program to give to rose societies about Microminiature Roses. It's a real labor of love. Any information the members might be willing to share with me would be most welcome along with any pictures you may have of this diminutive little roses. My email address is Looking forward to any information you may be able to share.

  • miniladi

    Hello, I am new to GardenWeb and I love to have others involved with microminatures to talk to. I am using the dried roses in my dollhouse setting. Does anyone know where I can find "Hi" "Si" and "True Flame"?
    Mini thanks!

  • frenchcuffs13

    They have one called Oui. So darn cute! I'm tempted to try it. Anyone ever grow it? Comments on it (form, care, etc)

  • frenchcuffs13

    Petsitterbarb, keep us posted Baby Austin and lots of pics. baby canaries? neat!

  • dan_keil_cr Keil

    I have two that I got from Ralph Moore Elfinglo and Rosemarin

  • lookin4you2xist

    Elfinglo and Rosemarin are two that I don't think I have tried. I'll look them up.

  • rosespecialist

    I am a HUGE fan of the micro miniature roses! I'd like to share my photo of "Hi".

  • Gail Allen

    Yes I have a Si! Love this little guy! I got it years ago and have never been able to find another one.

  • Gail Allen

    I just ordered Hi! Can't wait to get it. Glad I found your cute pic of it.

  • erasmus_gw

    I like them. Here is Little Meghan, a good bloomer with dime sized or smaller blooms:

    Here's Lindee, a found rose, but looks similar to Gourmet Popcorn maybe? It makes a good sized plant:

    Here's Charles Walker's Mignonette, new to me. These are full of tiny petals and can have a blush of's charming and a good bloomer:

    And Petite Pink Scotch:

    This is a once bloomer, but I love the fountain shape of the plant and the ferny texture of the tiny leaves. It is a tough thing that will root wherever cane tips touch.

    These are not all classed as micro minis but do have tiny blooms. Here is Karin, A Ruth Knopf rose named for her daughter:

  • Gail Allen

    I like that Pink Scotch! I got a Popcorn which is white but looks to have a similar form.

  • Gail Allen

    I put a Cinderella micromini in Fairy Garden this fall.

  • erasmus_gw

    That's neat Gail! I think creating one of those might interest kids in garden design. Some time in nice weather when my grandsons come over I might get them some raw materials and see if they'd enjoy making something like this.

  • Gail Allen

    It’s really fun and a lot of people use found materials in their Fairy Gardens!

  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    Erasmus, your pictures are so Charming! I have Lindee coming from arARE this spring, but I didn't know it was a mini. Yours looks beautiful. Is it big? From where did you buy your Charles Walker Mignonette? Someone recommended that a couple of years ago as being really fragrant. Is that true? I also love the Pink Scotch. Does it have a long bloom? Looks beautiful in a pot!

  • erasmus_gw

    Thank you, Vaporvac. Lindee might be a poly or a mini, I don't know. Tiny blooms anyway. The plant is about 4'x4' . I didn't buy my Charles Walker Mignonette...Alana in SC gave it to me. I have not noticed a fragrance yet. She also gave me Mountain Mignonette which has a bright pink tiny bloom, and really has a lot of charm. I don't know yet how big the plant will get. Petite Pink Scotch blooms a couple of weeks and when it's not in bloom it is still a neat plant with all the tiny leaves thick around each stem. Petite Pink will root in air if it is very wet out. I very much like a variety of bloom sizes in my garden.

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