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Finally, my Worm Farm photos

January 10, 2010

Hi all,

Finally managed to figure out photos (thx jake). I'll try to make this make sense, but no promises! lol.

Remember the tote with or without holes experiment? Heres a couple of pics.

You can see the effect of ventilation on the condensate here, dry patches around the holes.

More apparent on the underside of the lid:

compared to no holes bin lid (bin(1))

Bin(6-holes) has not been populated yet. It's ageing till next week, then it and bin(8) will be started as a side by side comparison to test how effective the holes are at moisture management.

Bin(1) running for 4 months now, no holes, started with 100 adults and no compost. The first cocoons have now become adult breeders. The numbers are booming. I estimate to have over 300 adults, and over 1000 babies developing in there at this point. This number will increase exponentially to the limit of the bin conditions / capacity in the next 4 months (should be around 3000 adults by then) Below is sample if where I fed 2 cups of blended food scraps about 10 days ago.


Click on any photo to drop in to photobucket and see the whole album, including a kick ass worm factory in action (well, I'm happy with it.. lol)

Cheers and I hope it all makes sense.

I should be able to start my give away program real soon, 4 or so months I reckon. :-)

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