Worm Tea vs. Leachate vs. Compost Tea

12 years ago

Someone told me in an earlier post this week, in regards to the liquid collection tray at the bottom of my Worm Factory composting system, that the liquid is leachate and not "compost tea". I went back through the WF literature and read that this liquid, according to WF designers, is referred to as "worm tea", which can be used as a fertilizer, similarly to compost tea I believe.

Now, when I think of leachate, I normally consider a negative connotation referring to liquid waste, but since this liquid collection tray is simply collecting the runoff from the organic matter (food and paper scraps) I'm putting into my worm bin, I don't think this is a fair categorization.

I'm wondering what other people think about this...what the difference is between "compost tea" and "worm tea" -- if any -- and any other thoughts on this topic.

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