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Cleaning induction vs. Radiant

11 years ago


I know this question has been touched on many times before and I've read many of the threads. I'm hoping to get someone's direct experience in cleaning an induction cooktop vs a radiant electric glass cooktop. We've had the latter and hated it. It required constant scraping with a razor blade and elbow grease and special polish to get it to shine. (I know gas gets dirty too, but it doesn't show as much!)

I've also seen that you CAN use paper towels, but I'm thinking more of the simple case when the rice boils over makes a mess. On the radiant it cooks on and is a pain. How about the induction?

(Ok, and I'll ask my related question: Simmer: Induction vs. simmer setting on a good gas cooktop which I'll define as a Wolf for the sake of argument.)

Thanks in advance!

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