Miele lower-end speed oven

10 years ago

Hi yall -- I just wanted to toss onto the forum for future searching-purposes a little experience about the Miele speed oven.

I bought the lower-end one, I can't even remember what it's called -- "Classic Chef" as opposed to, say, "Superchef"? Something like that...

I do think it's a pretty nifty appliance in several ways. What I want to warn about, though, is that IMO the lower-end machine is really qualitatively different from the higher-end one. I thought I was saving money by buying the non-automated version, and surely that's true.

However, I think part of what many people do love about the masterchef (hope I have that name right; the higher-end one) is the automation. That you can, as I understand it, stick in a couple baked potatoes and it automatically performs a series of different electronically-mediated bursts of energy to do the cooking.

I could be wrong, but I don't think my lower-end product can be programmed in that way. I was thinking that I could do what it was offering myself, instruct/program it how long on medium and how long on high and vary combi bake and, say, convection... but it's not true. You can't instruct the machine in a program of that sort. I think the higher-end machine has stuff like that programmed into it for you to select from in a menu. But the lower-end machine doesn't permit you a lower-technological access to that programming; it's just not there.

Again, could be wrong -- I'm still learning how to use this machine after even a year, practically. The manual is the worst I've seen. When people complain on here about a product's manual, I'm always thinking " haven't seen anything!"

As a final note, I must say I do like the machine still and I'm happy I bought it. I opted for the Miele over the Advantium, expense aside, because I really wanted a 220V, under-counter placement. And I'm happy with that decision, even though I was forced to the more expensive product; the machine does not get too hot either itself or any emanating steam from it. And I like the option of having an electric oven (my range is gas), as well as "true convention". And the speed-oven function works pretty well though truthfully, I think just the convection part does much if not most of the speeding-up (the combination, "speed" part injects preiodic microwaves into the convection-mix).

I would be thrilled to communicate offlist with anyone who owns one of these lower-end speed ovens about optimizing cooking strategies. I think it's really hard to figure out, personally. And I'm sure someone's invented this wheel already; I'd love to find that person/s!

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