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Miele swamp odor

16 years ago

I hope someone on here can help me get to the bottom of a mysterious swamp-like smell in my Miele dishwashers. We have two Miele Optimas. Seemingly completely randomly one or both develop a swampy smell after the cycle is complete. Having heard that dishwashing liquids/gels/powders are designed to work with food on the plates we always make sure that there is something in the dishwasher cycle that can be "digested." Doesn't work. It sometimes seems like the smell develops if we leave the door closed after the cycle is finished but sometimes the smell is there just after the cycle ends. Totally mysterious. It really ruins the nose on wine when you put your nose to the glass and it smells like swamp!

Any hints? We renovated the kitchen and replaced an old Kitchen-aid that never had this problem.

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