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September 12, 2009

Geesh, went to the Durocorp site...is it me, or is it cheesy? Not much information, no links or any mention of retailers, bad photos, etc. It seems many have made the plunge and purchased. I am a bit leary and would not want to purchase site unseen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Not much....

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  • netjudge

    What are the knobs made of? Are they plastic or metal? Do they feel cheap or have a good solid quality feel to them?

  • dougr2009

    Lots of people here have talked about the great price on NXR - but what about Fratelli Onofri? A 36" dual fuel Evolution model starts at $2500 at AJ Madison. Any thoughts?

    Here is a link that might be useful: Link to 36

  • ninkat

    Have had my NXR since just before Thanksgiving, and so far I am loving it. The knobs are big, solid, one of the things I really liked about the range. Ended up buying it from AusTex (they shipped it to Manhattan). I'll post after six months or so, when I've really taken it around the block.

  • netjudge

    OK, I'm off to look at a few showrooms here, I am leaning towards the NXR but want to take a look at a few others in the 2k - 3k ballpark. I'm pretty messy in the kitchen (I'm a guy after all) so not sure about the "weld" issues that might trap grime are a good fit for me, although that may not be a big deal. I'm in North Carolina and there don't appear to be any local dealers here, so would have to go site unseen there.

    Blue Star sounds like a great cooking device, I'm certainly no expert chef and I tend to grill outside a good bit, so not sure if its worth the extra money and reading about some issues here.

    Capital has a nice look to it, but again same price point as Blue Star for 30 inch.

    Decisions Decisions! Ultimately, it might come down to finding a great deal (if I don't go NXR)...if anyone has seen anything let me know.

  • bcloud

    I have been researching about a new 30" slide in range for sometime now and finally bought the NXR. I live in Austin so I can see it in person next to the Thermador at Aus-Tex. There is also another store here in Austin that carries Dacor, Bertazonni, DCS, Viking, GE Cafe, and some high end units that I can't remember, so I had the opportunity to see many ranges before I made my purchase. I'm not into fancy read-out displays and electronics, so I wasn't really giving those ranges much attention (I want the professional look). If money was no object, I would've bought the Thermador simply because I absolutely love the way it looks and I know the performance is great. My wife and I aren't professional cook's but we love cooking (we also bought the Big Green Egg for grilling out doors and love it) and for the overall of quality and affordablity of a professional range, I don't think you can beat the NXR. Also wanted to point out this is my 2nd purchase from Aus-Tex, owned by father and son, and are very nice and helpful and he showed me the just under 100 NXR ranges in stock. Will write a follow up once we really get into using the range.

  • fall

    wow...100 ranges in stock, some operation...

  • Stacey Collins

    Hi again guys-

    Just wanted to report back after cooking on my NXR through the holidays...

    (Also to add, to the poster who mentioned the Fratelli Onofri above, I think that that is the company who makes Ikea's 36" pro range, which is pretty darn nice and also very inexpensive.)

    lynn2006, my hood is by Thermador. It's an older discontinued model. Because of our meager budget I could not afford a new, big-enough hood. The NXR's burners dictate at least 600 CFM. I found this one at a local appliance place, without a motor. Then I found a new-old-stock motor for it on eBay. BIG MISTAKE! The thing sounded like a jet taking off. Ridiculously loud. So we invested in a remote blower by Fantech, which we mounted just under the roof cap, and a length of duct silencer. We left the noisy Thermador motor in the hood, so now if I need mega-ventilation I can run both of them. For normal cooking the remote does the job quietly. But this is an option you should consider: buy just the hood -not the fan, which is usually sold separately- that you like, and then install the remote blower by Fantech. It'll be less expensive than the blowers sold with the fancy hoods.

    OK back to my NXR!
    It was awesome during the holidays. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the convection fan. Burners remain wonderful. Cleaning is not bad.

    The oven capacity is fine--- plenty big enough for a turkey, or a couple racks of cookies (which cook much more evenly than I ever experienced, due to the convection.) The oven is NOT as enormous as a regular cheapie oven, I assume because of the insulation required. But its waaaaay bigger than the bertazzoni. I loved the Berta and really wanted to buy one but that oven never would have worked for my cooking. It is really, really small. You could not cook a 16# turkey in it, the turkey would be touching the broiler element. Anyway- the NXR's oven is a fine size.

    BUT----- a couple of days ago the oven stopped lighting. I called NXR and it seems its a bad safety valve. It's under warranty so they are going to fix it of course, BUT they cannot find a local service person. I knew this might be a problem going into the purchase, since we live in Maine, but it has been three days since I called and we still dont have an appointment yet. I will call back this afternoon. It's a real bummer not having the oven, as we use it daily.

    Will report back...

  • marc_ia

    Wow...I have enjoyed reading all this because I am trying to decide on a range. I think the self cleaning feature is the best ever invention and don't think I could go back. Plus, since I have never owned convection before, I need the automatic conversion. I am about ready to go GE Cafe.

  • chris11895

    I have nveer used the self-cleaning function in an oven. Am I the only one?

  • tom_p_pa

    Chris, me too. I have used 2 ovens in the past with self cleaning on them. Tried it once. Not impressed. I did not like the fact it was running full steam ahead and locked closed for hours. I found a can of oven cleaner from the local A&P was quicker and better.

  • Stacey Collins

    I asked the NXR tech guy and he told me this is the best way to clean an oven:

    Put a cup of half water and half ammonia in the oven, let it sit overnight at regular room temperature. In the morning, open the oven and wipe down the insides.

    I have not tried this yet, but plan to.

  • tom_p_pa

    Stacey...do you spray it on the inside? Or you just leave the water/ammon. mixture in a cup? Never heard that. Is your NXR working? Don't worry long term, all the NXR parts in the inside are 99% the same on any range. Any repair service will open it up, cross reference the parts and replace. Gas stoves are not a big mystery...they all operate identically, especially when there are no electronics.

  • Stacey Collins

    Hi Tom-
    Thanks, yeah, that's one of the reasons we wanted a range like this (versus one like the GE cafe with all sorts of electronic modules.) My DH is a systems tech and mechanic so he's handy with this sort of thing. We figure once its out of warranty we'll be able to repair it ourselves. But in the meantime it IS in warranty, and since we're up to our ears in a DIY bathroom remodel, we want THEM to come fix it!

    RE: the ammonia. You just mix it 50/50 with water in a bowl or cup or whatever, and leave it in the oven. At least according to the rep. Apparently its the fumes alone that do all the work.

  • se1961

    So we are in the market for a new range, after a horrible experience with an Amana slide-in-- repairs cost more than the purchase price after 7 years of use-- and after reading these posts we are thinking very hard about the NXR range. I wonder, StacyNeil, could you follow up on your repair experience? I read a couple of posts about Bluestar service horror stories that make me somewhat wary of buying a less familiar name. Thanks in advance!

  • fall

    The bluestar phone number is weak, no one will ever pick up. Best you can do is leave a message and hope for the best.

  • se1961

    Thanks for the tip. I'm actually interested in feedback on the NXR range. Thanks!

  • odiegirl13

    staceyneil - Did you ever get your range fixed?

  • egkor

    I am having a kitchen remodel done. I have the opportunity to reconfigure from what we currently have, which is: Center island w/ GE 30" 4-burner modular downdraft gas cooktop, and 27" dual electric wall ovens (non-convection).

    What we want to change to is: Stand-alone 36" SS range (cooktop+oven), 6 top burners w/ convection oven slide-in (installed in) wall cabinet location (no more island location), with a SS wall vent hood. In other words, like stacey's installation except with 36" unit.

    Like others, we have looked at GE Cafe and the high end products (Viking, etc.). We like the GE Cafe pricing, but not so much the look (looks "regular" not pro-style).

    I like everything I am seeing and reading about the Duro/NXR 36" 6-burner range/oven.

    I see that the NXR is all-gas (was originally wanting dual-fuel gas range burners w/ electric oven), and also no self-cleaning.

    From the previous posts it looks like people that have a NXR are happy with the gas oven, and have taken to manually clean the oven interior.

    Questions for anyone wishing to help w/ input:

    1) Will I be happy with the NXR gas oven? Are there any "gotchas" to be aware of with a gas oven? (I'm coming from years of electric oven use).

    2) NXR gas oven temp actual consistent with oven temp selected via front-panel control?

    3) Vent hood #1- Any recommendations on a quality regular SS vent hood that is not horribly loud when it runs (Vent-a-hood etc.)?

    4) Vent hood #2- For the 36" 6-burner NXR range(6-15k btu burners), will a 36" 600 cfm vent fan be enough? I can't recall the rule for sizing the vent fan?

    I'm now trying to find a 36" NXR range where I live so I can see one. I can drive to Austin TX. if I have to (austex.com).

    Thanks very much in advance for any help/thoughts/advice.

    -Gary K

  • egkor

    Following up to my own post:

    1) We are driving to Austin TX to "austexappliance.com" B&M store this Sat. to see the NXRs. Will probably buy the 36" and have it shipped (for free) to our TX residence. We favor the "straight" front panel unit (newest design) rather than the "angled" panel (older design). BTW the older design can be had for less cost than the newer.

    2) Vent Fan: Researched this on Vent-A-Hood web site. Need 1 CFM of ventilation for every 100 BTU of heat the rangetop can produce. So for the NXR 36" 6-burner range, each burner 15k BTU, then 6x15k=90k BTU total. 90,000/100 = 900, so a minimum 900 CFM vent fan needed. Also Vent-A-Hood recommends a 3" overlap of vent width on the left and right. So a 36" rangetop would actually need a 42" vent fan to provide the 3" (per side) overlap.

    3) I have to do vent hood rear-duct into the wall, then up or down and out to the outside. So I am looking at vent hoods that can do rear-ducting.

    -Gary K

  • artmartau

    I really want to see one of these in person before purchasing. Does anyone know if there are any appliance dealers in the Southeast (Atlanta area) that carries them?

  • gigi_2010

    Thanks to Christine for helping me figure out how to post photos on here. Here's my 30" NXR installed w the optional center grate. Email if you want any additional pix.

    Here is a link that might be useful: NXR 30

  • lindas_2010

    I want to thank all of you for bringing the NXR to my attention, and to discover that I am not the only person driving myself crazy trying to decide on a range! I was ready to buy a 30" Wolf All-Gas, when I came across your postings on the NXR. In Connecticut there are a number of dealers with the NXR stove in their showrooms. Call the distributor, Faxon Sales, at 860.474.1600 (very helpful and knowledgeable) for dealer locations. I have not yet gone to look at one, but plan to in the next day or so.

    Question about cleaning- The Wolf, which has the same burners, has a pull-out tray below the cooktop to allow you to clean up spills that leak into the double ring burners. The ancient stove I have now, with open burners, has a similar thing and I know this does happen. What happens to the spills, most likely boil-overs, on the NXR?

    And thank you to the person who mentioned that the Berta was too small to fit a 16 lb. turkey. It looked too small to me, but the salesperson insisted it would fit one!

  • odiegirl13

    Those are the best pics gigi! Thank you so much for posting those.

    On the other hand you have made my decision a little harder.


  • steph1

    The NXR has sealed burners, so spill overs are not an issue. I have a blue star and am not a fan of its open burners. It is not a nice looking range either.

    The NXR seems to be a great deal.

  • egkor

    A few posts earlier I said we were going to drive to Austin, TX to see the NXRs. Plans have changed.

    I'm finding I like the Capital 36" all gas 6-burner unit (w/ self-cleaning), and will probably go with that.

    I still like the NXR.

    -Gary K

  • egkor

    Correction to above post ...

    Capital 36" we are interested in is not have a self-cleaning feature.

    -Gary K

  • deeageaux

    The NXR has sealed burners, so spill overs are not an issue. I have a blue star and am not a fan of its open burners. It is not a nice looking range either.
    The NXR seems to be a great deal.

    Spillovers are an issue. Just a different issue than sealed burners. Gunk gets in the crevice between the buner and the top.

    If you are not a fan of its open burners then why get a BS?

    That is the whole point.

    NXR is made by Chinese Duro which is a subsidiary of Chinese Nexgrill.

    I don't have any experience with NXR but I do with Nexgrill Gas SS BBQ products. They rust after a few years.

    NXR is for the interior not the backyard but I would still run the other way.

  • tom_p_pa

    The stainless is the same grade as anyone other pro range. I certainly would not worry about rusting. A work associate just bought one. Nice range.

  • rjpjnk

    I just went to see the 36" NXR tonight at Reno's appliances in NJ. I think it looks great. I like everything except the seams in the three piece top and the fact that the burner grates are not continuous. Trying to decide now between the NXR and the DCS. Anyone have an opinion on the DCS RGT366? I really love the look of it, and the oven is larger, but it is 1000.00 more than the NXR.

  • eandhl

    I have the 30 inch DCS all gas and I am very pleased. I love the center large burner and having all burners have a separate simmer ring. DCS is one range you see very few complaints about.

  • Stacey Collins

    Hi folks-

    You asked me to follow up on my service experience with my NXR, so here it is.... the short story is: it was frustrating but in the end they made it right.

    I called the service number in the manual. It is a company called Adco that NXR contracts with. I believe they also service Wolf, etc. The office is in the southwest someplace. The repair tech talked to me about the problem and we narrowed it down to (probably) either a bad ignitor or bad safety valve. They did not have a local service guy on file for my state (Maine). After 3 days or so they did find someone local, but informed me that the parts were on backorder. I asked that the parts be shipped directly to me when they arrived, to save the extra day or two.

    Every 4-5 days I called to check on the parts. I was told they were coming from overseas and held up in customs. I began to get very frustrated with not having an oven, after the first couple of weeks. After all, it was winter in Maine and I had a freezer full of great grass-fed beef I wanted to roast. Finally one of the guys, when I called, let slip that they were also very frustrated with NXR for not having the parts available. These parts had apprently been backordered for some time.

    I decided to go to the source, and tracked down a phone number for NXR. I tracked down the person in their residential range office, a young Chinese guy. He was helpful and nice but did not have the parts. They were apparently still in China! I stressed my frustration and asked him to please do what he could. I did have to call back a few times and pester... but about a week later my parts arrived from him. he sent multiples just to be sure. The local service guy (a restaurant-range repairman) was GREAT, he came the next day and fixed it (it was a bad ignitor). He showed me how to take the cover panel adn door off, and now I can see how super-simple it will be -after its out of warranty- if we ever need replace these parts ourselves. One of the reasons we bought this range was that simplicity and ease of repair (no electronic modules) so that's nice to see.

    Interestingly, these parts are marked, Made in the USA. I believe they are made here, then shipped there for assembly in the ranges. I guess someone forgot to keep a stock of them HERE for service calls! Duh!

    And then a few days later a package arrived from Adco with another set of the parts. So they followed through as well.

    All in all, it was frustrating, but my sense is that it's sort of a growing-pains thing. Hopefully they'll be sure to keep enough parts in the country that this won't happen again. Everyone was very nice and helpful along the way.

    And now I have my FABULOUS oven back: yay!!!

    I would still definitely recommend this range, even given that service snafu. For the money, I just don't think it can be beat.

  • pete_p_ny

    Strange. Ignitors are for the most part the same parts and interchangeable on most ranges. In NJ, with robust service companies and the local utility fixing ranges too, they would cross reference those parts have have them in stock. There is no way those ignitors would be specific to just NXR.

  • Stacey Collins

    I think you are right and it was the safety valve (which we thought was the most likely culprit) that was on backorder.

    Guess we should have had the service guy come look at it in the beginning, huh?

  • jillbee

    I just purchased the NXR 36" from marinrestaurantsupply.com in CA. for $2,799. Includes free shipping and no tax ( outside of Ca.).I decided to take a chance since I haven't actually seen it in person. I've been researching it for a month now. Seems like a great product and I think the price will increase once marketing on it picks up. Hope I like it!

  • jagmac

    Just purchased the NXR 36" six burner oven from marinrestaurantsupply.com. I also researched this thing for about a month and even called ADCO to find out if they had techs in my area (Riverside, Ca.) that could service the oven. They said they had multiple techs so this eased my mind. I've had trouble finding an extended warranty, although GE said they would cover for about $250.00 per year (too much for me). At this time I'll take my chances with the one year warranty. Like jillbee, I hope I like it, but most of all I hope it works as described!!

  • pete_p_ny

    It will be fine. A gas range like this one is really a simple piece of equipment. All gas ranges all share the same basic parts.

  • se1961

    We purchased the NXR 30", largely on the recomendations of people on this board, site unseen, for $1900. It is now installed in our kitchen, and I think it's terrific-- compared, of course, to an Amana range that was so bad people people filed a successful class action lawsuit in Florida. The baking is very even, my cakes are coming out consistently better than they did before, and I can melt chocolate without having to supervise for fear of burning. I love having all four burners having the same wide range of btu's. We could never have afforded a more expensive stove; what I love about this one is that it allows us to have a really solid stove for not much more than a standard consumer range. We bought a three year extended service warranty from Square Trade for about $170. It seems to be an excellent company. (We were squeamish, having spent over $800 on the Amana after the standard warranty expired...) I had a long series of back and forth emails with NXR service department before purchasing, in part because of Stacy Neils experience, and in part because of my own concerns about buying an "unknown" brand. The guy I corresponded with was lovely, and very helpful. Thanks to all for your thoughtful feedback.

  • jillbee

    Just recieved the 36" range from Ca. and it is beautiful. Really looks just like a viking or Thermador for 1/2 the price!

  • jagmac

    Received and installed our 36" range several days ago. It is a very solid and good looking oven. We remodeled our kitchen over the last few months but nothing has gotten more attention than our oven. It looks much better in person than in photos. The service provided by Josh and marinrestaurantsupply.com was excellent and delivery was timely and professional. You will need a dolly to take it into the house and it is a two person job because it is quite heavy. So far no complaints. I will try the square trade warranty mentioned above.

  • dsanz

    For those of you who worry about a relatively new product like the NXR, Austex Appliance offers a very nice service warranty -

    2 Year Warranty $29.99
    3 Year Warranty $49.99
    5 Year Warranty $99.99
    5 Year Warranty for 3 Appliances $199.99
    5 Year Warranty for 5 Appliances $299.99

    And yes, they carry the NXR ranges - delivery is free in the lower 48. They quoted me 5 days to Arlington VA.


  • chesters_house_gw

    There seem to be some great deals right now, especially on the 36 inch model. I wonder if sales are lower than anticipated. Anyway, the price difference between it and, say, a Capital with the same features is such that we might pull the trigger and end the seemingly endless search for a stove. Good to hear than there seem to be few problems.

  • salaryman

    I've just registered today, but I've been following the NXR range threads here for several months while wrestling with the risk of buying one sight-unseen. These threads have been a great resource!

    The pics from Staceyneil and GiGi and comments from satisfied owners have been extremely helpful (thank you all for sharing your experiences). But still, it would be more reassuring to actually lay my eyes (and hands) on an item before paying ~$2,000 for it. I live in Atlanta and the SE regional distributor told me the closest showroom model is in Tampa, FL (his store, and, frustratingly, an 8 hour drive from here).

    Despite my reservations, I'm (almost) ready to pull the trigger on the NXR. My wife and I are finishing a modest rehab of the kitchen in our first home (a foreclosure) and the NXR range might be the budget item we decide to splurge on. The pro-look and performance/price ratio certainly appeal when compared to the "better" residential style ranges we've considered (as well as the high-end pro ranges simply outside of our budget). Plus I'm running out of hope that a ridiculous deal for a 30" SS pro range will magically appear on Craigslist in time (lol - too bad I can't use a 36" range, there have been several really good local deals).

    That said, a better deal always reduces the feeling of risk. SE1961 - would you mind sharing where you purchased the DRGB3001 for $1,900? The best price I've found is $1,999 (including shipping). If you prefer not to post in the thread please send me an email at:

    palesalaryman (at) yahoo (dot) com

    I'll happily add my two cents to the collection of NXR threads if I buy one!



  • frankie_l

    Loren, I also is new on this forum and had been eyeing the NXR for months. My local retailer stop sellimg them for a few reason, not selling and really bad service. When to look at one in NJ and was pretty disappointed on the fit and finish. The crate looks really bad to me, it was not straight so it was wobbling on the top, that could be just the display I look at. Also, they wanted more that $2000, more like $2800 shipped which I was really surprise since I know I can get it for $2000 shipped. Anyway, I went and look at something else somewhere else. I ended up buying a floor model Bluestar RNB 30" that is in perfect shape for under $3000. I had to pick up on my own, no shipping which was not a big deal for me. I love it. If you want to see it, check this link. It's the picture with the Orange Bluestar RNB 30", Great price I got....... Sells for over $4000.

  • salaryman

    Frankie 1 -

    Congrats on a very nice looking range! I really like the Bluestar's open burners - but I have read some unflattering comments about oven performance and durability. Good luck to you and let us know how your purchase works out.

    And thanks for your honest impression of the NXR. I REALLY need to see one in person!


  • rbse

    I just received a NXR range, shipped to IL from Austin TX. Arrived in 2 days and if I was to use one word to describe packaging it would be "outstanding". I was advised to open and check for damage on arrival, and the driver was getting a little impatient with the time it took. It arrived in perfect condition and will be installed into my kitchen actually today. I read all of the reviews and honestly felt that the NXR was by far and away the very best bang for the buck. I have talked with several dealers and there is just no problems with this range, with the only "concern" being the seams on the surface. I will report back here when I can give a full assessment. I will tell you this, setting in my garage, wrapped in plastic, everyone that has seen it has been totally blown away by it, including the cabinet maker who is very interested in finding out more about it.

  • neeld

    Buyer Beware you want to hear a horror story just ask email me or buy one youll find out. Bill the owner of Austex you should be listed as the worst customer service guy in america. Dont believe me just try getting through to duro corp on there web page then youll find out for yourself. LIVE AND LEARN is guess.

  • Stacey Collins

    Well- we've had ours for a year and we still LOVE it. Looks great, cooks great. I could not be happier with our purchase, especially given the price point. I have a lot of details and pics in other threads on this forum.

  • bk2010reno

    We're considering purchasing the DRGB3001, and appreciate all the input on this link (especially Staceyneil!) We saw one at FlamTech in Chinatown, NYC, and it looks good to me, especially for the price. To address our fear of the unknown, are there any recent service issues from anyone?
    We noted that the burners all have an inner and outer ring. Is it correct to assume that the only the inner ring comes on when it's on low, and both when it's on high? Is is as simple as turning the dial to adjust? I know that Bertazzoni has a double dial for adjustment, which seems silly. Thanks!

  • amying84_yahoo_com

    has anyone purchased the color door accesory?? was thinking about ordering the burgandy but curious to see if anyone has any feedback first! thanks.


  • tzar58_verizon_net

    I am almost ready to pull the trigger and buy a DRGB3602. I have shopped high and low. The recent strings on this page sound pretty good. Only question I have left is what is the top surface?? Does it clean up easy? Thanks, T

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