Lighted Wine bottles (Tutorial)

14 years ago

First drill a hole in the back of bottle near the bottom

using a 3/4" diamond core bit.

We order these from Diamond drill company

They have a wesite.

Next, in order to coat the bottles so they won't peel

too easily, I spray them with several coats of polyurethae


Next, measure out about 1/4 cup of mod podge.

Next, add 2 or 3 drops of white acrylic paint and stir.

Next, take a throw away glass jar to test with

and sponge a small area. Let it dry and then decide if it

needs more drops of white paint to get the look you want.

You want a sheer look but enough white so the sring of the lights is cammoflauged

Next, Using a soft, 2" paint brush....I quickly apply a thin coat over the entire bottle and then quickly use the brush tips to pounce over the entire bottle.

Practice on an old pickle jar or something first.

I do it fast so it won't dry before I am finished.

Let them dry 24 hours and then I seal with a glossy

waterbase varnish, like ceramcoat varnish.

Let that dry 24 hours.

Next I wrap raffia around the neck of the bottle

Next tie on a few grape leaves....cut from garland.

Next I run raffia thro the loop at the top of grape

stem and tie grapes onto neck of bottle.

Next I take several strands of raffia and wrap over

stems at neck of bottle once or twice and then make a bow.

Next, take 20 clear light string and push one blb at a time into back of bottle

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