Redheadeddaughter and cozy spaces :)

December 22, 2013

Red- Do you have a final version of your floor plan? I know you're working on your outdoor spaces, but I hope you'll post soon :)

Here's my latest version...what do you think? I made it a bit smaller and went back to an earlier version. This picture just won me's exactly what I want our dining space to look/feel like! Courtesy of Romantic Country magazine... {{gwi:1516576}}From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

And plan... {{gwi:1518501}}From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

What do you think...and I hope you're having fun designing your home! So excited to see your new plan!!! Have a wonderful holiday...and same to all GW members :)

I just love that picture above, but I don't think I can fit it into my 12' wide space. So....a change to put the dining room in front (open to kitchen) and keep fireplace with small seating area. I like that the roof line works much better and the fireplace and wood stove could share the chimney! The baking area is separate, but I think I like that. Decided to just add to this post, rather than distract from Red's lovely plans... {{gwi:1518503}}From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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  • redheadeddaughter

    oh is that a sunroom in the back with a wood stove?! It's big and welcoming and fabulous.

    Everything is switched around but I really like the flow... and that fireplace photo... swoon... the whole house if full of cozy spaces. The guest room study is kind of tucked away, which is perfect.

    The kitchen is in the center of your home in this plan and there are so many benefits to that. I kept going back and forth on the kitchen placement too. We do have final plans and I can't wait to post them. It'll have to wait until we are back from a snow trip though, since I don't have anything here.

    Merry Christmas LL!

  • lavender_lass

    Thanks, is a wood stove. In the winter, I always want cozy spaces with fires. It's just so darn cold up here! In the summer, I prefer larger spaces, but that's when we can move out to the garden :)

    Have fun on your snow trip and I look forward to seeing your new plans!

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  • lavender_lass

    Red- Just seeing if you're back from your snow trip. I'm on my snow trip until early April (LOL) or at least it seems that way some times :)

  • redheadeddaughter

    Hello LL - Yes, we are happily back and I still haven't sorted through the vacation laundry yet. :) So inbetween mundane stuff like that... I'm returning to all your inspiration pictures and daydreaming. I figure I'll get back to the house stuff next week when DH is back to work and I'm not driving him nuts with measurements on inset medicine cabinets and the like.

    Also, I really like your guest bath in this plan!

  • lavender_lass

    Thanks! It's the original master bathroom plan, but I think it would be great for a guest bath, too. Otherwise, they want to use your tub, right? :)

    The dining room table is rather small, but it's just the two of us everyday....and when we have larger groups, I thought we could rearrange the furniture in the sunroom (mostly light weight) and eat out there. I'm hoping to get a table with lots of leaves that can seat 8-10 when necessary. That would be so nice for holidays!

    Oh, and I just found this sunroom picture. I don't know if I'd do that exact wicker, but I love the overall look...especially the windows and all the plants. {{gwi:1518506}}From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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  • VanillaCottage

    Redheadeddaughter, I too would love to see your final plans.

    You say you are working with a designer rather than an architect. Did you have an inspiration plan or a stock plan that you modified? If so, would you share it with us? I love the way this home flows, and would like to find a stock plan with a similar layout.

    I cannot wait to follow you vicariously through your build!

  • redheadeddaughter

    There is so much inspiration on this board that I find myself second guessing myself on the plans more than I would have, say, when all I had were clippings from Victoria magazine in 1998. :) But here is Floor 1. The kitchen cabinets, island and pantry area are still in flux, but the rest is pretty much set.

    I had so many great ideas pulled from various places... I'll have to grab them all together and post them soon. That's one of the things I love about Lavender Lass... all her inspiration pictures! And, yes, we are working with a designer, but he has decades of experience working with architects, and functions as one in terms of being able to automatically know what will work and what won't. The first plan he came up with would probably work alot better for most families... I just really wanted a wall of windows on the eastern side of the kitchen. We started with a rectangular box, the idea of views throughout the home via windows and doors, and lots of bookcases (or room for them) and alot of my favorite plans were from Connor Homes... just simple colonial farmhouses. If I needed to build a house tomorrow I would buy one of their plans in a heartbeat.

    I'll post the 2nd floor tonight... here so I don't hog up an entire thread... and some inspiration pictures of I can get my scanner to work! And then eventually I'll post the whole kitchen in the kitchen forum. Hopefully I won't get sidetracked looking at sweet dark green wicker furniture... so pretty. :)

    Here is a link that might be useful: Connor Homes

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  • lavender_lass

    Oh, Red...that's beautiful! I love all the details :)

    Is that a pool table in the top right corner? The herb garden, sunroom and book nook are my favorites! But that laundry room is great! And window seat in the hearth room, and pantry...and mudroom...and book vault! LOL

    Congrats on a wonderful plan...I'm looking forward to seeing the second floor!

  • redheadeddaughter

    Thanks LL! Ha. My hubby wishes it was a pool table. :) That is just a big block of color to cover up names and stuff. That room will be the school room with a big project table in the middle and desks on the back wall, with windows for daydreaming. I personally think lots of great learning takes place while daydreaming!

    So here is floor 2. Part of my weirdly long closet will hopefully have some nice attic access in it someday (other than the pull down ladder in the hall ;). I happen to love attics... and hope chests and all that sort of stuff. So that's a long term project.

    The master was made smaller, but (of course) we added a window seat. I'd like one in every room please. ;)

    Also, here is a link to the Jericho farmhouse... this was the first house that both my husband and I loved equally. The end result for us was much different, but it was a great starting point for working together. I think it might have been built by another Garden Web follower years ago.

    Here is a link that might be useful: original inpiration house

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  • redheadeddaughter

    And here is the rear view. It's simple (we took the roof off the porch to let more light in and made it a deck). But one of my favorite things is the pantry window that the designer sketched in. I can't wait to do some baking in that corner! And put bunches of hydrangeas on the kitchen exterior wall.

    LL, do you have any photos of your current kitchen or sunroom setup? I don't think your table looks too small at all. That huge sunroom would work great for holidays and big gatherings... and the view is marvelous I'd bet.

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  • VanillaCottage

    Lovely! Thank you so much for posting your updates and your inspiration house.

    How did you find a designer to work with? Was that less expensive than an architect?

    When do you think you will break ground? I am so excited for you!

  • redheadeddaughter

    Thanks Vanilla Cottage! Oh I wish I knew exactly when we were going to break ground. The grading permit process has to go through 3 (!) state agencies first and that is a big unknown. Anytime this year would make me very happy.

    You know, I found the designer from an awesome poster on GW who lives nearby and was also building, if you can believe it? Having someone who has been through the process locally is invaluable. We were originally all set on changing an online plan, but we ended up with a different piece of property that had some history with the county officials already. There were so many restrictions on the site (it's in open space) we knew we would need some help with the plans, and couldn't use a stock plan at all. So we used the designer originally assigned to the project after I figured out it was the same guy recommended by the GW member! (Oh, and our realtor gave the same recommendation as well). I think if you can get a local, word of mouth reference, look at some of their previous work, sit down and meet with him/her and see if you get along... those things are so important. Are you on the West Coast?

  • lavender_lass

    Vanilla- Love the name! Are you building soon?

    Red- The second floor looks amazing! You must be so excited :)

    I see you kept the fireplace in the bathroom...that's going to be so nice! Didn't you have an inspiration picture?

    The only question I have is the window seat in the master bedroom. Is there a reason it's not centered? Does it look better with the first floor that way....or does it work better in the room? It's such a lovely feature...I just wondered if you could sneak a few more books on either side. Not that you have very many books! (LOL)

    I'm always looking for more places to tuck in books. I always seem to end up with more books than space!

  • VanillaCottage

    I am all the way across the country on the East Coast. Too bad - I would've loved to meet your designer! :-)

    LL, we are just getting started in the building and design process. We own the land already, and this will be our forever house. I too love all your inspiration pictures, and especially your designs. As you may be able to tell from my name, I am seeking a design that has old-world charm, nooks and crannies, and incorporates gardens, bringing the outdoors in as much as possible. Cottage gardens, quaint spaces, natural light, peonies, sunrooms, arches, paths, clawfoot tubs, etc.

    It is all just so overwhelming at this point!

  • redheadeddaughter

    Vanilla Cottage: Wouldn't it be great if LL set up shop and designed homes herself?! I wish I had seen all of her plans before we sat down to design the house.

    LL: You have an uncanny knack for climbing onto the page and living in the room being designed. Yes, it's off center. Hmmm. I didn't see that before, and I would love to have more books in my own room. I'm not sure how that will bump into the roofline on the mudroom, but I might ask about it anyway. :)

  • redheadeddaughter

    You know, it' just struck me, Vanilla Cottage, that you were looking at LL's plan in the first place before I posted mine. ;) Silly me. And so here I am studying her plans and thinking where I've seen anything like that online... there is a Southern Living plan that has the downstairs master, and a study that could function as a sunroom, and an L-shaped kitchen that I stumbled upon when looking for ideas. It's still nowhere near as fabulous as LL own home (aren't the bathrooms fabulous), but I thought I'd post it anyway below.

    Here is a link that might be useful: southern living plan greywell cottage

  • Katie S.

    Redheadeddaughter, I was wondering if there is a name for the layout of your stairs. I love how they are tucked into a little nook and are behind you so your view of the interior is open. I am looking for pictures online and not sure what to search for. Thanks! I love you and LL! Please keep posting as you get further in the process.

  • lavender_lass

    Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you like the pictures and I think more of a cottage-type home (and garden) is very appealing! It is pretty, but relaxed and has such a welcoming feel. Kind of storybook, but very functional...and fun to live in :)

    I like the charm of posts and half walls, giving spaces a bit more definition...but still allowing light and views between rooms. Picture rails and wainscoting, big baseboards, light, cheerful colors. It's so inviting...and you can also do a 'warmer' version, with wood trims and darker colors, which is more masculine but still works with the rest of the house.

    My favorite colors in the home all go with purple (which I love to wear LOL) and I do have some purple accents. But the main colors are greens, blues, gold, burgandy, cream, white, pink, pastels, etc. Anything that's cheerful and not too gray...and I like clear, dark colors. But, my favorite accessory is leaf and floral print fabric. NOT the entire room (no Laura Ashely for me) but just a curtain or on pillows, then mixed with a bit of velvet or brocade, to give it a little 'special' feel.

    I guess casual old world, with cottage feel, if that makes sense. Anyway, lots of books are a must, along with plants and comfy seating, sturdy tables, ottomans, you get the idea! I hope you all have fun designing your homes and I love all the progress Red has made on her home! It's going to be so beautiful...I wish I visited California just to have an excuse to stop by! LOL

  • redheadeddaughter

    LL- I'm just seeing your 2nd plan for the first time. Is the baking area to the left of the kitchen near the laundry? The kitchen itself is alot smaller (and has no window, right?), but if it is open to the dining room with a view of that window seat (oh so lovely!!!), and has the fireplace... well I think it would be mighty fine to have a dining room like that. And both plans have room for the all important stand alone freezer!

    cas81611, I sure wish I knew what it was called! I will ask my designer. I love having windows in the stair, however I do think this particular kind of staircase takes up more square footage than others... it's one of my only big concerns. I've been looking for photos too, and haven't found any on Houzz or Pinterest yet. Here is my staircase pinterest board though, below. If I find something, I'll post it there. :)

    Here is a link that might be useful: favorite staircases

  • lavender_lass

    Red- Have you seen the scullery post on the kitchens forum? I think that's what I could do here...have the main kitchen with fridge, range and sink/dishwasher....and then the baking area (wall oven/microwave) and big vintage sink for washing out big pots, cutting flowers, washing veggies, etc. The baking area would also be great for canning, drying herbs, etc. Instead of a really big kitchen, it would be like having two work areas, but right next to each other.

    I also decided to glass in my courtyard. I love the idea, but it's just too cold for french doors to the outside...and this would give me a place to have some star jasmine and maybe a little orange tree. I would so love to have that right off the dining table...what a pretty view. Can you grow a climbing rose in a sun porch? LOL Wait, I think I found one! {{gwi:1518507}}From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

    The sunroom (off the back) is really just a lot of windows with the best view...but it faces northwest, which is not a good direction for a sunroom. Instead, I'm thinking nice seating area with views and make it a little more masculine/rustic. Maybe wooden beams or trusses (it's slightly vaulted) and wood trim. So it complements all the trees and fields outside :)

  • lavender_lass

    Red- A staircase can be a major architectural focal point! With your reading nook and lovely windows, don't worry about the square footage. Here's one of my favorite staircases, from Downton Abbey. This is a sad clip, but the stairs are beautiful...and they take up some square footage, but so worth it! :)

    Here is a link that might be useful: Link to staircase in Downton Abbey

  • redheadeddaughter

    A scullery and a Downton Abbey staircase. Lavender Lass. You need to write a book or something. Before I need to decorate my rooms. And please tell me I can grow those roses in a northwest facing sunroom! One of my favorite spots when I look at your new plans is that great little seat next to the living room hearth... the entire room is planned so well and I keep forgetting to mention it. Is that on the south side of your house then?

    That is a very sad clip! I'm 2 seasons behind, so I think a DA marathon is in order for me. As for the scullery, what a brilliant way to hide messes and create a cozy space for fun kitchen projects! Plus. It's just adorable to call it a scullery.

  • lavender_lass

    The house faces southeast, so my back 'sun' room will be facing northwest, too! I'm sure you can grow a lot more on that side of the house than I can, considering your location. Mine is more view oriented, but I do hope with skylights on the little sun porch off the dining room, we can grow a few roses and have a little patio table and chairs. Just a little spot for tea, to feel like we're outside and enjoying the flowers, even in the winter :)

  • lavender_lass

    Red- I found this picture and thought of you :)
    {{gwi:1401256}}From Stairs, landing, entry, etc.

  • redheadeddaughter

    oh oh that is so cute! And that color is beautiful too. The window seat. Sigh. You can never have too many if you are a reader. Or a bird watcher. Or a daydreamer. Thanks LL!

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    That window seat is like a treehouse perch. Definitely for the long-limbed and limber adolescents in the house to clamber up :)

  • lavender_lass

    It is a bit of a jump, isn't it? LOL I just noticed the stairs and all that light...and those blue walls :)

    I'm tall, but I think I would prefer my window seat a little easier to reach. Love Red's description, true!

  • lavender_lass

    Vanilla- If you want to post some ideas (and you're not sure about starting your own thread) go ahead and share here! We don't mind :)

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    Lavender, that window seat is the dreamer kid's domain, for the one who wants her own aerie but not isolation. Keep it accessible for her only and find your own nook LOL oh, the cat is allowed up there, too of course. ;)

  • lavender_lass

    My cats would love that! LOL

  • lavender_lass

    Red- I keep thinking about your kitchen/baking area....and I really want some windows in the kitchen...and a better view. Those hydrangeas sound lovely! :)

  • lavender_lass

    Well, after trying a few things...I can't come up with anything I like more (LOL).
    {{gwi:1518510}}From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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