cool-n-save --- ac misting

13 years ago

well I tried this new product "cool-n-save" which sprays a mist of water on your ac coils when it is running to cool them so they work more efficently, thus saving money. well a good idea, industry has had systems of this type for decades.

Unfortunitly I am disappointed in this product. kind of cheaply made valve which is undersized so it really does not provide much volume, and only 3 nozzles which quickly become clogged with hard water sediment even though there is a hard water filter to suppossidly reduce this.

after 5 weeks of little useage as we do not turn on the ac much the nozzles were completely clogged shut. it took several soaking in bathroom cleaner to clean them out.

they advertize 30% saving on your ac bill... but after using this I really find this hard to believe. if this proct was redesigned to work well I could definitlly see that it could save money.

unfortunity they have only a 30 day return policy so I am stuck and out $99....... i guess they only have a 30 day policy because they know their product is bad


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