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January 22, 2013

My project has been slow, but steady. DH wanted to wait to order kitchen cabinets until AFTER the kitchen was demolished the first week of October.

Okay, going into the project we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted after a year of planning and waiting 8 weeks+ for cabinets to arrive.

First scare, can't fit the 84" refrigerator we wanted (Thermador) through the house to get to the kitchen. Quick regroup and we "settled" on the Sub Zero fully integrated 80" tall.

Okay, had to wait for the Christmas holiday to be over to start installation of cabinets. The day before they were to arrive, we had a setback with a broken pipe.

Okay, we started one week later and are pleased with the cabinets. Had to make some last minute adjustment for flooring, due to the flood, but there was a silver lining that I'm not going to go into right now.

Bear with me, this is where it starts getting good...

We agonized over countertop and backsplash, as many of you have. Decided on Caesarstone for both. Fabricator was all set and willing to pick up my beloved Franke fireclay Orca sink (that was my dream sink) to do final measurements--because you have to have the EXACT fireclay sink to measure. He goes to the store where I had purchased it three weeks earlier (it had been on backorder) and he calls to tell me they "released" it to someone else! The day before he goes to pick it up someone--the saleswoman says--came in and said they were there to pick up my sink for me and without an invoice, they let someone who I DON'T KNOW take my sink from the store! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!

Is she...
1. Lying and had mistakenly given my sink to someone else and has fabricated the story about someone giving my name and talking about how I will "pick up the grate later" that was on a different shipment?

2. There is someone going around listening in on phone conversations to get details about orders and pickups waiting to score a sink in high demand? or

3. There is collusion at the local appliance and bath store to supply other "wholesale" businesses with hot sinks?

Never in all my DH nightmares about redoing the kitchen did it ever occur to him that someone would steal our sink!

Nothing more can happen in my kitchen until I have my sink. No countertop. No backsplash. No cabinet installer coming back to finish molding, cabinet handles, toe kick, light bar. No appliance delivery...nothing. I have been patient for almost 4 months and now there are no Franke Orca fireclay sinks on the west coast and I don't know where the light at the end or this tunnel is?


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  • deedles

    What? Someone said they were you? Have you talked to anyone other than the salesperson? Is there an owner available? That is unbelievable. I wouldn't know what to think other than that you are owed something major at this point.

    How disturbing! So sorry for you to have to deal with such BS.

  • caitlinmagner

    That is NUTS! Not to mention creepy. I'd demand that the store track one down and have it expedited at their expense. Not sure if it will get it to you any faster, but seriously, that was really irresponsible of them. On the other hand, it sounds too incredible that someone would have all the information necessary to "steal" as sink, so they probably felt comfortable releasing it. Either way, that sucks. I'm sorry.

  • karin_mt

    So, what is the attitude of the shop? Are they stepping up and getting a replacement for you? Or are they shrugging their shoulders and putting this on you?

    If the latter, I might be somewhat tempted to call the police.

    What a bummer! I wish you an additional dose of patience to work through this one.

  • williamsem

    Wow,between this and the guy that had his whole kitchen stolen, this place is getting crazy! They definitely owe you an explanation, and a good effort to get a replacement, though sounds like that might not be possible. I'd ask if they have cameras, and you can try to get the police involved as someone stole your sink!

  • aliris19

    Wow. Definitely a police matter. Are you in a big city? Small town? You should contact the police just because this sounds so odd it sounds as if there may be more of these sorts of events down the pike.

    So Sorry!!!

  • footballmom

    Don't know if this helps or not, but I was just looking at amazon and they have a white fireclay orca for 715.00 from eastern supply. It says only one left. It is a 30" one. Make your old supplier pay for it.

  • friedajune

    I would not give this store any of my money. I would hate the idea they were making a profit over all the trouble they've given you. I would ask for my money back on the sink. I hope you put it on your credit card, so that if the store won't refund you, you can dispute the charge via your credit card company. I would immediately buy the sink online from a reputable seller and Authorized Franke dealer like qualitybath or appliancesconnection.com. Why do you need the sink to be purchased on the west coast? I've bought everything from all over the country, no problem.

    Before purchasing online, call the website and make sure they have the sink in stock and ready to ship. It'll probably be cheaper than what your store priced it at anyway.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Franke Orca sink at Appliancesconnection

  • lotsapatience

    As soon as I heard I told them to call the police, I don't know if they have yet. I think they are hoping it was a misunderstanding. I'm doubtful. Someone is telling a big fat lie! They said they will find me another one, but there isn't one close by. I'm hoping my DH will let them do all the leg work.

  • marcolo

    If you already paid for the sink, you should be the one calling the police.

    Get your money back immediately and buy your sink online.

  • karin_mt

    Yes, agreed - you should be spearheading the investigation, not them. It's not in their best interest to get the police involved, but it is certainly in yours.

  • Gracie

    With all the budget cutbacks, the police don't even investigate thefts anymore in some areas.

    If their story is true, which workers had knowledge of where you purchased your sink?

  • nosoccermom

    Any chance that someone from the fabricator's shop messed up and/or picked up the sink?
    And why would you get the police involved as long as nobody claims that you have the sink?


    I'm sorry you are going through this after so many delays.
    I bought my Franke sink from an authorized dealer/plumbing supply. They needed the receipt for all items purchased-no receipt you're outta luck.
    I cannot believe that they gave a stranger the sink with no receipt. They are lying and probably gave it to another customer. Make them file a report--they have to do it since it was removed from their shop. They will not like the attention. Get a refund for the sink and try to buy it elsewhere. You can't do anything else since you have the cabinets on hand. Are they willing to take some money off the sink ?

  • CEFreeman

    The fact they admitted giving it to someone without the receipt is a big plus in your favor. You do have it, right?

    I'd definitely want to see the signature of whoever took the sink and definitely file a police report.

    Have you stopped payment on the sink?
    I wouldn't go quietly into the night... sinkless....

    I thought I was patient, but this is getting silly for you. I wanna here the "another story" about the floor!

  • lotsapatience

    This was at a reputable dealer in a nice area. I like who I bought all my appliances from there. They got an installer out to our house before I purchased anything to determine if the refrigerator I wanted would fit (it wouldn't) or the alternative refrigerator would fit(it should.) I'm obviously not crazy about the saleswoman who has seemed confused ever since my sink supposedly arrived. In hind sight, I think I had a bad feeling about this sink two days before it was lifted. The fabricator is not from a huge company and has installed all of the Caesarstone on display at this store. They knew him and I said specifically that he would be the one picking it up. I have no contractor, no one else knew the sink was in. They didn't seem to be interested in calling the police and chances are the police wouldn't be interested in investigating this. It's crap like this that drives the price of everything, everwhere up! The store will recoup it's money by charging more for something else later. I got a really good price on this sink from them, the next person won't. I'm wondering what the person who has my sink now paid for it?

  • lotsapatience

    BTW...I have purchased a few things from online retailers and have had great success with QualityBath.com--purchased KWC Eve faucet from them at a fabulous price and it arrived very quickly. I also just purchased cut-to-fit Rev-a-Shelf cutlery insert and utensil insert from HomewareHQ.com on Sunday and it was on my doorstep yesterday afternoon. Again, great price! I would have purchased the sink online, but with such a fragile and heavy item I was afraid and this local store's price was the second best price I could find anywhere. I would have paid more going through QualityBath.com and didn't feel comfortable with the retailer offering the least expensive online price.

  • aliris19

    Wow. Why are you taking this lying down? Am I correct that you have paid for this sink already? And you are contemplating paying for another one all over again? I don't care what kind of good deal this store gave you originally, it won't be a good deal by the time you paid twice (I can't imagine at least).

    This store owes you a new sink, pronto. period. *And* you should call the police and explain what happened. The store may have been stupid to have released the sink to an unauthorized person, and they are monetarily liable. However it's not clear they did anything malevolent. The police should be involved to figure out whether someone did, knowingly, steal money from you, or knowingly from the store, or whether you and the store both are victims. They (hopefully) can figure this out.

    But you do have a responsibility in this matter to have it properly investigated, not just schlump around saying 'this is why everything costs so much and the world is all going to pot....' Well, yes - and part of the reason also would be when people don't call to task those responsible. As I read things currently (I could easily be wrong - feel free to correct me!), the store might be a victim as well -- and you have both a right and responsibility to ensure this is figured out. Because it will no more be fair for the store to pass along the cost of their stupidity than any of the rest of it. If the store has been ripped off, then they have insurance to deal with that. Its cost should be borne by the store and their insurer, not their future customers. And certainly not you!!!!

    As is you'll likely be made to bear the brunt of the inconvenience of waiting and re-searching for another sink, and possibly even cutting a cabinet differently? I'd get the store to pay for that if possible but sometimes things get difficult to be properly remunerated with that sort of indirectness. So no worries about being made to suffer enough! But you should do your due diligence in trying to figure out what really happened, involve the correct authorities and not just instantly presume you're shafted and there's nothing to be done...


    Good Luck! I am really, really sorry for this mess you're in. Now -- go try to haul you-all out of it please! :)

  • beekeeperswife

    "They didn't seem to be interested in calling the police "

    To me that means that they are not telling the truth. Why wouldn't they call the police if this actually happened? Someone walked in, assumed your identity and took something that belonged to you.....if this is what happened then they should want to call the police. Don't you think this means someone accidentally sold it to someone else?

    I would go to the store in person. I'd ask "what did the person look like, how tall, etc"....just to see if they flinch because they can't answer quickly without having to think about it. If it happened they would answer quickly without hesitation. I would also call the police myself and report a theft and ask them to show up to the store to get details. It's theft, it's fraud, the police should be involved even if it's not something they will solve.

    I hope this gets resolved quickly for you.

  • ginny20

    This completely sucks.

    Something similar but on a much smaller scale happened to me once many years (decades, actually) ago. I bought a silverplate candy dish at a big sale at a department store downtown. In those days, the store offered free delivery in one of their trucks (see how long ago this was?). When it wasn't delivered, I asked about it. They said they couldn't find it. They didn't have another like it, so they just refunded my money. But I was annoyed. I wanted that dish, and I couldn't get it again at that great sale price. They just acted like it was normal for things to go missing. Where, into another dimension, like socks in the dryer?

    But releasing a large sink to a stranger - if that's really what happened - that is just beyond the pale. I don't believe it, actually. I suspect someone sold your sink and kept the money. I wouldn't have believed this when I was younger, but I was an internal auditor for a long time, and I was always amazed at the perfectly nice, normal people who turned out to be petty thieves.

  • nosoccermom

    I seriously doubt that the explanation you got is true. Most likely, their system of keeping track of orders/items is messed up. The sink may still be somewhere in their warehouse, they gave the sink to the wrong person, and his/her sink is still there, someone from their outfit stole the sink, etc. Or are you sure that the fabricator or one of his employees did not pickup the sink?
    Unless you live in a small place with an eager police department, you can be sure that the police is not interested in that issue.
    Obviously, you're not paying for another sink. However, I would demand that they get you a replacement asap, even if they have to pay for expedited shipping. If you see the same sink somewhere for the same or lower price, order that and ask for your money back from the original store. If you see the sink available now somewhere for more, ask the current store that they get it from there or pay you the difference.
    Frankly, I would demand that they rectify this problem rather than trying to solve the mystery or crime....

  • lotsapatience

    Not to worry, I am going to get my sink at the stores expense!

    Unfortunately, I live in the Los Angeles area and, as "may flowers" said, the police don't investigate crimes like these. But, I will press the issue with the store. I'm sure it will require that I go to a police station.

    Someone once stole my credit card number and UNsuccessfully tried to order a few things using it. I was told by the police that I had to come to them and bring all my documentation and they seemed so uninterested that I chose not to pursue it.

    Another time someone broke into my apartment in Laguna Niguel in Orange County, CA and stole a lot of stuff. The police came but wouldn't bother sending anyone to take prints that I could see were there. They said it's usually a neighbor who does this in apartment complexes so I moved. Did you know, if your cable box is stolen out of your home, you're responsible for replacing it?

  • suzanne_sl

    Back to your original question - not #1, 2, or 3. My guess is that an employee sold your sink out the back door and pocketed the money. Given your description of the kind of store this is and its reputation, I wouldn't think management would pull this as the whole transaction is a big blot on their reputation. I'll bet they've figured out exactly what happened and who is responsible. Said "responsible" person is a nitwit, because this was never going to work. How nice are they being about this? Very nice/concerned + no police involvement very likely equals they fired someone's butt and are hoping to slide out from under with as little notice as possible. The "someone said they were you" story doesn't pass the smell test at all.

  • chiefneil

    There's really not much the police can do for stolen stuff. I have a rental property that was broken into while vacant. All the appliances were stolen. The police basically write a report and you can use it for an insurance claim, but that's about it.

    Honestly, it wasn't even worth the effort to file the police report.

  • chicagoans

    I always think it's worth the effort to file a police report. That way, if there is a pattern of missing / stolen items, they are more likely to take it seriously. If most people don't report, there's no way to detect a pattern. And as mentioned above, it could help with an insurance claim or claim to the credit card company, if needed. And someone claiming to be you verges on identity theft, which is really creepy and serious. Also, the store will take it more seriously if you call the police.

    I'd be busy filling out reviews on sites like Yelp to voice my displeasure, and I'd also contact Franke to let them know about this retailer's lack of responsibility. (Copy the store manager on your letter/email.) I would stress that it reflects upon Franke because of the delays and frustration trying to get their product.

    This would have me seriously mad. I'm so sorry it happened to you.

  • friedajune

    As soon as you mentioned that you bought this sink at an unusually low price--lower than online retailers--it ALL became clear. The store sold it to you and barely made a profit. Someone else came along willing to pay a more "market" price, especially since the sink was on the shelf, and this buyer wouldn't have to wait with a lead time. Maybe the buyer paid a premium to the store just for that. So the store sold it to the other buyer for more money, gave you a cockamamie story, and will STILL make a second sale of the sink to you.

    As I already mentioned, you should get your money back on this sink, and immediately buy it online from an Authorized Franke Dealer. When you are calling the online store to see if they have the sink in stock, ask if they can do better on the price. Many online retailers will try to match other retailers' prices, but you gotta ask. You've had a good experience with Qualitybath. Me too. Call them, or the retailer I linked previously. First, though, go on Google Shopping and price the sink, keeping in mind sales tax savings and free shipping.

  • Bunny

    Once the retailer was made aware that they had released your sink to an unauthorized/unknown person, did they fall all over themselves offering another expedited order or YOUR MONEY BACK ON THE SPOT? I wouldn't give a rat's ass how it got screwed up, whether through internal theft or sheer idiocy, but I'd sure as hell want an immediate solution for being out of money and out of a sink.

    It's true the police aren't going to set a dragnet to catch the perp. I'd file a report anyway just on the principle of it. And I'd stand at the retailer's front counter until I received a full refund and was made whole. And then I'd take my business elsewhere.

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