wwyd with my lr windows?

9 years ago

I have asked for advice on this window in the past but maybe there are some new ideas! This window just drives me crazy. I have one window (well, a set of 3 windows) in the LR. There used to be the same window at the opposite end of the room, but then we opened it up to a family room addition. I just took the existing curtains down for window washing -- they are velvet floor-length panels that do not close, just hang on either edge of the window, and I also have a print valance that is basically there for color. I'd like something lighter for spring/summer. I can't use the valance only, because it is actually a bit too narrow for the window width -- the discrepancy is hidden under the drape. As you can see in the close-up, I also can't use the woven wood blinds only, because they came with a light wood header (great design, huh?) which looks ridiculous. And on the right-side small window, which you can't see on the close-up, the header bar has actually fallen off. When it fell off a year or so ago, I decided to try and stain it darker, and then... um... I lost it somehow.

Anyway. I could just get a valance for summer and use the blinds as needed (which we basically never use -- we're up on a slight hill and don't care that much about privacy in the LR, so we just leave them up). I could also do a sheer, I suppose, but of course my windows are not a standard length so it would involve at least hemming a longer sheer, or having something custom made, which I don't really feel like doing. Also, the room is casual and kinda masculine, so I'm not sure if a sheer is the answer. Also, there is no white or even off-white in the room, so I'm concerned that an off-white sheer is going to be "too white" if you know what I mean. (My ceilings aren't even white.)

So... any ideas for me? I suspect a new valance is the likely answer, but maybe there's something else I'm not thinking of. Also, I hesitate to buy the ready-made valances because I need to put 2-3 together for the width of this window, and they rarely tend to look good -- the length always seems to be slightly off, or whatever, so it ends up looking messy. I know the answer to that problem is to have something custom made, but I'm trying not to get that expensive or time-consuming (of course I want to re-dress this window Today!)

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