Bulging brick walls

12 years ago

Hello all, I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice. My husband and I are interested in buying a 1915 Brick Cape Cod home w/ 2 stories. The house is in good condition except two of the exterior walls are bulging out. They appear to start fine in the bottom, then bulge out, and curve back in before the wall attaches to the roof. The roof is an old slate roof if that matters. Both the interior and exterior walls connected to each other do this - exterior bulges out, and interior bulges in with it. The brick on each side looks really good  no visible cracks or problems.

My question is this - is this a common problem in old brick homes, and if so is it a major issue? We would have a structural engineer come look at the home at time of home inspection, but we don't even want to waste the money on that and put in an offer if this is a huge issue and costly fix. Does anyone have experience with this? Please let me know and thank you in advance!!

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