bubbles - how can I fix it?

13 years ago

Ok I did a search and could not find anything on what to do. So if this has been answered before I'm sorry.

I bought a solid oak table with 4 chairs at a yard sale. The table and chairs are large and solid. The table top was beat up and scratched but the rest of it looks great. So I just wanted to refinish the top. I striped it and sanded starting with 80 and went through to 220. I used minwax stain thankfully it matched great. So then I used minwax poly. I put the first coat on and got a few bubbles, after I sanded it looked good. The second coat I got lots of bubbles. I stirred very slowly, used a natural bristle brush(as the can recommend a natural brush or a sponge brush) I got lots of bubbles so I switched to a foam brush and still got lots of bubbles. So now I have 2 coats of poly on and lots of bubbles. Is there any thing I can do to fix this without striping it down and starting over?



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