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Stopping by to say Hello

February 2, 2015

Hello to all the Winter Sowers I just dropped by to see if any of the same people are still here when I used to post, probably about 5-7 years or more ago. I do see you bakermom I'm wondering who else still posts from my era. I still winter sow but not quite as much as I use to. Good luck on this years sowing everyone. Go Zone 6 LOL.

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  • MLcom

    Here and still winter sowing. Tomatos seeds this week

  • PVick

    Hi you two! I'm still lurking around; haven't sown anything in the last couple of years, but do plan to do a few containers this year.

    And yes .... GO Zone 6!!


  • morz8

    It's nice to see some familiar names here - this forum hasn't been as busy as in the past.

    I haven't sown as much as earlier years, but I'm still editing my new (2 years now) garden and I find myself going heavier on shrubs and evergreens over my previous crowded collection of perennials. Partly the deer, there is only so much I'm willing to spray and protect on almost an acre. When I'm more convinced the ivy, blackberry and false lily of the valley are closer to gone, I'll plant and add more color - I'm just not sure how much more yet.

  • docmom_gw

    Hey, Rich. It has been a long time since I've seen your name. I'm still wintersowing more than ever. My family (siblings) keep buying large properties and I sow natives to reclaim portions of their land from invasives. It's good to hear from you.


  • pitimpinai

    Hi, Rich. So good to see your post and some "old timers'. :-D

    Still lurking and checking in once in a while. Not posting much nor WS these past few years because my garden is STUFFED. :-)
    Did not WS last year, planned to WS this year, lined up all the seeds, but I do not want to lug soil into the newly renovated house. :-D I may WS something in March.

    Welcome back, Rich and everyone.

  • heavenlyfarm

    Hi Rich!!!

    I just started winter sowing last year and I'm addicted lol up to 200 containers myself of perennials!!

    I am still only been on here a few years but I plan on lurking and staying around myself!!
    Welcome back!

  • plays_in_dirt_dirt

    Hi, Rich. I remember you and even your first post. You started with something like, "Now let me get this straight. You people sow seeds in the winter and then put them outside?" That just stuck with me, that and your user name. I don't post or WS much, just a few perennials, but I always sow marigolds and zinnias every year.

    Good to hear from you.

  • kevinw1

    Just dropped by myself, having not been here in a few years. Just WS a bunch of perennial herbs this afternoon. Surprised to see things so quiet in here.

  • docmom_gw

    It is definitely quiet here. Lots of people spend time on Facebook, either talking gardening or any number of other stuff. I still like this format and the ability to check in with other forums, etc. but, it was more fun when it was busier. I do my best to stay involved and respond to posts if I have any useful information or comments.


  • daisydawnny

    I am still here. No Facebook for me. Too quiet on this forum.

  • barbe_wa

    I agree that it's too quiet, but I don't think it's just this forum. Facebook and the other social media have taken a lot of our wintersowers, but I'm still here and I'm happy to see a few of you guys around, too. I had to skip a year of sowing due to surgeries, illness, etc., but I still lurked and enjoyed hearing about all your activities. This year I'm trying to get back into the swing of it. I've already sowed almost 50 jugs, and I received another two seed orders yesterday and today. Got my dirt, got my seeds, got my jugs - ready to go!

  • mnwsgal

    I still check in this forum occasionally. Will do some more wintersowing, mostly annuals, closer to spring.

    Nice to see some familiar names back to say hello.

    I agree that all the forums I read regularly are much quieter since so many have gone to Facebook.

  • jessewo

    I'm back too after a whole year without a garden. I just moved into a place where I can get back into the dirt-so happy! I don't know if I'll be starting 200 jugs again-moving in December doesn't let you know what you already have growing, so I'll be starting slowly. Ignore the "new" screen name-I'm the old jessew!

  • kqcrna

    Hey, you old folks! I still pop in here occasionally, but not that often anymore. Most of the old crowd had disappeared, and the forum wasn't that active anymore... I mostly drifted away.

    So how long has it been since this houzzzzz came on board? And is that a good thing?

  • barbe_wa

    Houzz has only recently taken over. I think it will be okay once they get the kinks worked out, and I get used to the changes, which given my age could take a little while. I've come to realize that there will always be changes, and I have to adapt or lose out on a lot of things I enjoy. Evidently time and the internet wait for no man - or woman.

  • kqcrna

    Nice to see you Barbe.

  • loisthegardener_nc7b

    Am still here but not wintersowing or seed trading as much. Moved to a new house and zone and am still adjusting to all the differences.

  • Charlene

    Hey Martha or anyone else, I am in zone 5 and I noticed you are too. You said " I sow natives to reclaim portions of their land from invasives." I moved out to the country and we have about 10 acres of pasture for your cows. What invasives should I be watching out for on my farm? I am still learning about invasive plants.

    Thanks Charlene

  • barbe_wa

    Charlene, check to see if your state has a weed control board. Washington and Oregon have an on-line list of noxious and invasive weeds that's very helpful. We also have a county control officer who can give a lot of assistance. I don't know if every state has it, but it might be worth a try.

  • docmom_gw


    If you change your settings under "my Houzz" so that anyone can send you messages, then we can email you directly without cluttering the threads with answers to your questions. The type of invasives you need to be watching for will depend on the area, field vs forest vs wetland, etc. Also your climate.


  • bellarosa

    Hi Pitimpinai, I remember seeing pics of your garden from a few years ago. Stunning! Just curious, will you be wintersowing this year and if so, what? I'm starting to get my supplies in order and plan to WS a few plants in January. Any suggestions? BTW, it was your beautiful pic of the Laura Bush petunias that encouraged me to winter sow them. I'm so glad I did. They have reseeded and are one my favorite plants.

  • prairiemoon2 z6 MA

    I recognize a few names. I'm still checking in here, but I haven't been winter sowing as much the past few years. I'm hoping to do some this year, but haven't gotten to it yet. I think I should get busy this week, it's definitely time. Hope everyone has a great winter sowing season!

  • docmom_gw

    I continue to wintersow every year. I plant primarily native plants for pollinators and butterflies. I'm starting a new job in a week or so, so I thought I'd have a marathon sowing week to get all my containers out before I need to start commuting.


  • prairiemoon2 z6 MA

    DocMom - I still have Asclepias that you sent me seed from in a trade, I believe. :-) We didn't have many Monarchs last season.

    What are you sowing this year? Good luck on the new job!

  • petalique

    Hi, it's good to see more activity. Last year and the year before I collected a lot of translucent gallon milk jugs, but wasn't able to winter sow. I'm in zone 5a New England and hope to get some jugs planted this week. It's snowing now.

    Last year I used grow light inside and also just tended volunteers outside from the season before.

    Is there still a Winter Sowing FAQ or tips on getting started?

    i've been surprised at how long some of my -expired- seeds have stayed viable.

    last summer I also collected a lot of (mostly large flowered) clematis. I understand that it can take a few years for them to germinate. I planted some outside, but who knows what will happen. I have extra if anyone is interested.

    So where is that Beginner's link or FAQ? Thanks for info.

    ETA -- All set. I see it now at the top of the forum.

  • Barb Conrad

    When I first came back to this forum, I was shocked to see such little participation. It has been a long time since I posted here. Lost my husband and just too much going on. The main reason I am posting is because a dear friend of mine is going through a terrible time of losing her eyesight, and I am trying to get her interested to help her fight depression issues. I recognize a lot of your names. I was Barb_roselover_IN. Where do I check to NOT get all of those irritating email answers? I hate them. Barb

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