Zonal geranium cuttings

6 years ago

I've been gardening for many years. Every fall I bring in some geraniums--zonal and ivy--so I can take cuttings in the spring. They do well in my south facing windows. Not as well as outside but OK.

Over the years I have tried every way possible for taking cuttings. I had the best luck by letting the cut end callus over by exposing it ti air for a few days but still lost some. I don't know what posting or even if it was geraniums but someone here said they put their cuttings on a heat mat under lights. An idea light went off in my head. That made so much sense because fungus--black leg-- loves wet and cold.

I usually take my cuttings later but when I went to water my plants a few weeks ago I noticed that 2 of the ivy shoots had almost broken off. I took a bunch of cuttings off them and while I was at it I took a few cuttings off of the zonal ones. I used rooting compound and planted them in damp pro mix in 6 celled inserts as soon as I took the cuttings. When I was getting my pro mix at the hydrophonic store last fall they had tall humidity lids and I thought they'd be perfect for cuttings. I put one on top of the tray with 18 cuttings and set it on the heat mat.

I'm overjoyed to report that 2 1/2 weeks later not 1 cutting has died and there is no sign of mold or blackleg. They all look extremely healthy and are showing signs of new growth that means they have rooted.

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