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Rough Linen versus Restoration Hardware Bedding

January 12, 2015

I'm trying to decide if Rough Linen is worth twice the cost of the Restoration Hardware Linen bedding?

And which RH Linen sheets are the softest? Garment-dyed textured linen, stone washed Belgian linen, Vintage washed Belgian linen?? Too many choices!

(I'm currently overseas so I can't visit a store to check it out -- I appreciate your input!)

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  • E J

    Just received my new linen from Rough Linen this week. After a little over a year of buying linen bedding from other companies, I just had to see what the Rough Linen was all about. I like all of my linen bedding, but the Rough Linen is a treat. I purchased a flat sheet and pillow cases, and I like them very much so far.

  • weedmeyer

    Okay everyone, now that I have the linen summer cover from Rough Linen (which I LOVE by the way), I need a blanket for over it. As soon as it arrived, our weather got cold at night, so it isn't enough by itself, but our duvet and duvet cover is too hot, so need a blanket that is the perfect amount of warmth. Anyone have any suggestions for what might work perfectly with the linen summer cover? Thanks.

  • E J

    Which kind of summer cover did you get, the Orkney?

  • weedmeyer

    yes, I got the Orkey. And we LOVE it. I really didn't think I would and I still don't know why we do, because it doesn't really feel like it would be comfortable, but it feels great to sleep with. It's the only time I have actually hoped for hot weather, so we could just sleep with it, but it suddenly got chilly at night, so we need something else to sleep with. The duvet and cover we have is too hot, though!

  • E J

    I have been wondering about the summer cover by RL for some time now. I currently am using my top sheet with a linen quilt that was made for me by Linenshed. Depending on the temperatures, I fold the quilt over at the end of the bed so I can just pull it up if I get cold but sleep wth just the sheet covering me if it is too warm.

  • kittymoonbeam

    If your linen is not soft enough, just keep washing it until it's as soft as you want it to be. It's hard to explain to someone who is just starting out with linen. That same linen is going to get super soft with repeated use and washing. Go and feel some antique sheets if you haven't felt well used linen before. Linen is the best. It absorbs moisture during use and releases it faster than cotton plus it's naturally antibacterial as well.

  • AmeliaD Dunst

    You should wash it like 50 times to be as soft as stonewashed. Not kidding! Linen is a strong material (strongest of all!) so softening at home is a hard long work.

    Choosing between Restoration H and Rough linen? I would say none, because they are too expensive and nothing special.

    Would not recommend cheap ones too, like Ikea or HM, it is terrible Chinese quality ;) They served half a year to me...

    I have tried all these, by the way. Now using linen from www.magiclinen.com and it's perfect.

  • mayflowers

    What makes it perfect, Amelia?

  • Debbi Branka

    I think Amelia is a spammer. She's had 3 posts and all are about this Magic Linen.

  • mayflowers

    I know. ;)

  • Abby Harrison

    i'm late to this thread but i have to say i'm VERY disappointed in Restoration Hardware linen bedding. I have the Vintage-Washed Belgian Linen Sheet Set. I bought them about 2 1/2 years ago and within a year they had holes. RH replaced my set but now, just barely a year and a half later they have holes again. They get a lot of use but linen is supposed to be quite durable and for the price they are total crap! Now I'm thinking I will get the Rough Linen ones and give them a try. I'm a linen convert but I'm really dissatisfied with RH!!!

  • lascatx

    You won't have the same issue with Rough Linen. We had the same set on our bed maybe 50 weeks out of the year after we bought them. DH, who said he wasn't sure about the idea of sleeping on linen, liked them that much. They are still about the only thing on the bed, but they get every other week off now since we got another set. I've been thinking about getting a set for my guest bed next.

  • Holly- Kay

    I love my Rough Linen sheets. I've had them almost two years and they are still perfect. No signs of wear at all.

  • Pete

    I loved my RH sheets until they got holes after about two years, I seriously would not recommend them to anyone!

    I got a set of RL, they certainly aren't as delicate, but they aren't nearly as soft either (although from what I'm reading here maybe I just need to wash them a ton).

  • cannes

    The RL linen sheets will soften up after a while. The best thing is their durability. I'm at about a year and half now and they are still doing incredibly well with no signs of holes or excessive wear. My RH linen always had holes after 1 year!

  • jennyctrudeau

    I have holes (really big) on my 2-1/2 year old supersize RL sheet!

  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    how were you washing and drying them jennyctrudeau?

  • jennyctrudeau

    Washing Machine (Miele), lukewarm water and dryer (Line in the summertime.

  • meagan__norris

    What about the RH Belgian linen duvet cover? Any one have experience with that?

  • momiss12

    Help please - I purchased the pottery barn Belgian linen quilt and duvet thinking linen didn't shed. It sheds lint into my hair (straight, on dry side). Washed (top,washer, delicate cycle, cold water, not too much woolite delicate detergent) it a few times to get rid of the lint but was unsuccessful. I took it out of the dryer (delicate cycle) when damp and let it completely dry on my bed. Also placed it in dryer, fluff drying only a few times.

    I really like the softness to touch of PB linen compared to others but not enough that it gets into my hair. Although, I love, love, love the diamond quilt!

    I realize RL will soften over time but does RL shed as well? If so, does the shedding ever end? I would purchase the RL sheet and duvet if doesn't shed.

    I've read conflicting articles re: shedding - linen doesn't shed, all linen sheds and good linen doesn't shed.

    Thank you.

  • mamapinky0

    Quality 100% pure linen should not shed. I would call and complain.

    Linen can withstand hot water. I wouldn't wash it in cold. Cold water constricts fibers preventing solution from getting in, breaking down, and removing soils. The biggest soil on bedding is body sweat/oils and yes everyone produces body oils. This can not be removed using cold water. Use hot or very warm. But that's not your question.

    I would complain and ask, insist on a refund.

  • momiss12

    Thank you for your response. I will call them. I just purchased them a week ago.

  • algeasea

    I bought an indigo Orkney RL duvet cover for my guest room bed, and the thing is a shedding menace. I've been meaning to call them to see if it's supposed to be that bad and haven't gotten around to it. I have RL white Orkney products, as well, and they shed some, but not like this. After multiple washings (around ten) and run through the dryer, it's not as bad, but it still sheds.

  • momiss12

    I'm sorry to hear about the duvet in the guest room Algeasea. It's good to know the other items don't shed as much after many washings.

    I contacted RL about whether RL linen sheets and duvet shed and I was told, "Linen does throw off a lot of lint, but it will be better if you dry on medium or even hot setting, just being certain to take the linen out while still slightly damp and shaking it out. Low means it tumbles longer, losing more lint."

    I had called PB and was told if it keeps happening after 3 more washings to call back.

    i also emailed PB and was told the instructions were below but they weren't. In addition to the instructions I didn't receive, to also use a tulle in the dryer to help catch/hold lint in the dryer. And use a clothing roller to remove any left over lint from the dryer before using or storing.

  • mamapinky0

    Be careful as these manufactures will void warrentys if they think you haven't followed their washing instructions.

    Other than an occasional stray piece of lint real linen should be vertually lint free...I don't know what your linen cost, but can guess it was pricey, a lot of people are now buying linen bedding and paying dearly I can't imagine them loving it so much that they order even more if its linting like this. But of course there's quality and than there's...poor quality. I'd send it back and order from someone else. If you ask over in the laundry room there's quite a few folks that have linen bedding and can be helpful to you.

  • momiss12

    That's true.. I will keep following the instructions and wash it a few more times.

    I purchased the items in ivory. I don't see lint everywhere except that I notice it on my hair. I also catch a lot on the removable lint catcher from the dryer and lint remover.

    The PB quilt and duvet is expensive, about $450.

    I thought Rough linen was one of the best and even that sheds lint. Maybe I should research further and review the laundry room, thanks very much.

    You're statement that "real" linen should be mostly lint-free is giving me hope because I am getting close to giving up on linen. I don't have these problems with my cotton duvets. Although cotton blankets are a different story.

    Ok, I'm off to the laundry room. Thanks again.

  • cyn427 (z. 7, N. VA)

    I have not noticed any shedding on any of my Rough Linen products and I have many sheet sets and towels.

  • lascatx

    Linen does give off lint in the dryer -- a good amount of it in the first washing. I'vee bought linen yardage and prewashed it. I't s the most lint I've ever had, but it decreases dramatically after that. After the first washing, I wouldn't call the dryer lint unusual. I've never had any lint or "shedding" outside of the dryer with the yardage, the RL items, the linen throw on my sofa, linen clothing or towels.

  • momiss12

    I can see the lint flying off the duvet when I make the bed. I've now washed it about 5 times. I'm hoping the lint will lessen greatlly eventually...

    I'm also looking into purchasing quality linen. Maybe I'll try linen weaved in Italy.

  • Louise McCarthy

    I love my RL sheets and summer cover, Bart's Blue. I will buy another set of white sheets in a few months and maybe a bolster ☺️ And damn, their customer service is excellent!

  • TN horsefarm

    I I really like out RL sheets but I am not sure what to do with all the excess fabric on the bottom flat sheet. I have tried to tuck it under the mattress but it's difficult (heavy) and awkward to lift.

  • momiss12

    Well, I did extensive research on quality linen and I am relieved to have narrowed it down to Linoto and Libeco. Although, Linoto uses Libeco linen to make its sheets, I am leaning towards Libeco since it's made in Belgium.

    I may splurge since they should last forever but it's so expensive. I read that after 1 wash they become noticeably softer.

  • momiss12

    I have the same concern about the RL flat sheet. My aireloom mattress is so heavy and I don't think I'm strong enough to lift the corners everyday without eventually injuring my spine. I'm a lightweight though.

  • dataw1127

    Today's mattresses are just too heavy for any normal person to lift. I find it difficult to even slip the top sheet under the end; having to tuck all four sides would be impossible with my heavy mattress.

  • momiss12

    Thank you everyone for your help especially MAMAPINKY0 because I had thought PB was quality linen.

    I finally gave in and purchased Libeco's linen fitted sheet and linen blanket. I'm over the moon! The quality is truly amazing and minimal lint was seen on the removable lint catcher from the dryer after just 1 wash!

    I'm very happy with my choice to purchase a blanket instead of flat sheet. It was a better value for me.

  • mamapinky0

    Momiss. Some people have been happy with PB others not so much..glad you found something you like.

  • momiss12

    Mamapinky, I really cannot thank you enough. You were really helpful to me and I'm very appreciative. I don't think I could be any happier with my choice. Thanks again

  • momiss12

    I'm back and disappointed. There is more lint in the lint catcher now than the first few washes. I guess, I have to wait who knows how long for this lint issue to disappear. I don't think I would ever purchase linen again unless possibly it is mixed with cotton. Thanks for listening.

  • cyn427 (z. 7, N. VA)

    As I have said previously, I have Rough Linen sheets on all the beds in our home. We also have the linen towels. I do not know why lint in the dryer is such an issue, but having said that, I have never put my sheets, towels or pillow cases in the dryer. I lay them out and smooth them to dry and they dry wrinkle free. My husband sometimes puts them in the dryer, but we have not noticed excessive lint. I am sorry you don't like yours.

  • momiss12

    My issue iwith a lot of lint in the lint catcher is that there's lint everywhere, especially on my wavy hair. I brush it out and see it flying around. When the linen stops shedding so much it won't be everywhere and especially not in my hair.

    I still purchased more linen and this time from restoration hardware and love love love the quality.

    However, I'm considering going back to cotton in the future. I feel cotton sheds a lot less and lasts just as long.

  • Bonnie Dewhurst

    Momiss12 it's so great to hear someone did enough research to discover the truth - Belgian Linen is the best. It's tricky when some linen bedding claims to be Belgian Linen, the flax may be grown there but the fabric is actually woven in China. Check out www.whistlingreindeer.co.nz Authentic Belgian Linen (on par with Libeco)

  • cannes

    I am here to report back on my linen items by Rough Linen. After nearly 3 years, my sheet finally wore through. This is truly incredible considering we’ve used this sheet exclusively for that entire time. I’m a wash and put back on the bed type of girl... no grabbing stale sheets out of the linen closet. We had previously bought linen sheets from Restoration Hardware and they would last only 1 year. So over all, we are thrilled to bits with all our RL items we’ve bought over the years. I’ve just placed another order... needed a sheet :)

  • PRO

    Linen is one of the hardest wearing fabrics there is. I'm stunned that linen sheets would only last 1-3 years! I've bought very old linen sheets (probably at least 70 years old) and used them and they lasted for a very long time - at least 10 years. And they were commercially laundered (and ironed) and I assume that is far harder on fibers than home laundering would be. This has to be very low quality linen fabric.

    As for sheets in the lien closet being "stale" - well, were they washed in hot water? If properly washed and all body oils removed, they should not smell "stale". I was taught when I first married in 1966, that every bed in a house needs 3 sets of linens - one on the bed, one in the wash, one in the closet. I've always followed this advice, but I actually have 4 sets for my bed and have them in a cycle. They NEVER smell stale when I put them on the bed. I use Tide Original Plus Bleach, and always used hot water wash, warm water rinse.

  • Bonnie Dewhurst

    Modern linen is a double edged sword. The art of weaving linen and the associated machinery has been refined over the years resulting in a finer and smoother yarn and producing a much more light weight fabric which is a superior fabric in terms of comfort. However, the finer fabric also can result in a shorter life due to many reasons, mostly regarding friction - if you wear pj's to bed or are a restless sleeper, your mattress top, washing machine and detergent or use tumble dryer can all play a part.

  • weedmeyer

    So just wanting to update my linen experience. I have purchased a summer cover from Rough LInen, which I love!!! I also have a duvet cover from Rough Linen (in smooth), which I also love. I also had purchased pillowcases from Rough LInen and pillowcases from Restoration Hardware at roughly the same time. Within about 2 months of each other, both pillowcases started to get small tears and the Restoration Hardware one eventually shredded. The Rough LInen one still just has small tears, but I expect it will shred soon. I emailed Rough Linene about it because I would have expected them to last much much longer than the RH ones. Their response

    As a rule of thumb, linen should survive 100 washes or two years of regular use, but there are huge variations. Washing method and frequency, drying, mattress, pillow-tops, weight and skin condition all play a part, among many others. However it is not, and never can be, indestructible. It can only be what it is, a strong and beautiful traditional material

    I feel like I would rather spend a lot less on other linen products if the life time of them is going to be more or less the same.

  • writersblock

    As a rule of thumb, linen should survive 100 washes or two years of regular use, but there are huge variations.

    What! I still have one of my mom's linen sheets that she was given when she got married in 1944, and they were never given any special treatment other than ironing at the rare times when she had a cleaner who would do that. That tells me all I need to know about Rough Linen.

  • tnfarmhousefixin

    Rough Linen is more expensive and I would expect more than 2 years of regular use for that price, as well as from RH sheets.

    One of my RH stonewashed linen fitted sheets just developed a big tear after just one year of alternating usage and almost an additional year of every day use.

    It came in a set so I can't just purchase a single matching RH sheet to replace it, so I purchased a new one from an international Etsy seller, along with a beautiful custom 28" drop linen bedskirt for DD's bed.

    Not inexpensive but less than getting another complete Cal King set that I don't need. Both the new fitted sheet and bedskirt together were less than a new RH sheet set.

    Hopefully it's a good quality and the off white color will work with the existing RH ivory bedding (I have the matching duvet cover, flat sheet, pillowcases, and boxspring cover).

    I have 2 other RH linen sets for a twin bed that are holding up fine. Maybe DH is a really rough sleeper :)

  • weedmeyer

    can you tell me the Etsy shop you purchased from?

  • tnfarmhousefixin

    weedmeyer - this is the link to the shop:


  • paynerobin

    I know this post dates back but regarding the shedding of linen, I have Tahari lined Belgium linen curtains, Pottery Barn linen sheets and linen sheets and duvet from Macy's and they ALL shed like crazy! It shows up everywhere as soon as I make my bed-on my mahogany dresser, armoire, nightstands and floor. I love, love, love the feel and look of it but I wake up stuffy and have found pieces of lint stuck in my eyelashes and in my nose. I'm heavily invested in it now but will not replace it no matter how much I love it.

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