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Why or when will these buds open up

July 14, 2015

My first Fuschia plant.."Lavender Blue"...it has looked like this for the past week. I water it almost daily as I read somewhere and I did fertilized once..15-30-15...keep it as cool as possible during these summer months and so far had gotten this far for the first time. Any ideas how long it takes to open or how to make it open?

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  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    Daily watering sounds too much. You can't make the buds open. They can take weeks from first forming to opening. They'll do so when they are ready. However if you over water they may abort and never open.

  • boothbay

    I read in a magazine that had a huge article on Fuschia's and they recommended to water it daily, sometimes even twice a day. I have not done that, i just leave it alone as far as seeing and feeling the soil is still moist. They also said to fertilize weekly. Whom, should one believe? I will try your method...thanks

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Hanging baskets in summer can dry very rapidly - that is the reasoning behind the 'water daily' instructions although that should always be taken with a grain of salt :-) Depends a lot on temperatures, how much sun (and when) the plant receives and how large the basket (and any root congestion) is. My basket fuchsias are usually only in need of watering every other day or so, even through our recent stretch of very high temperatures.

    And heavy flowering annuals in containers - like the fuchsia - do require frequent fertilization to grow well and produce a heavy crop of flowers, as there are very little nutrients in potting soil and what there is gets leached out with regular watering. Generally, the recommendation is "weekly, weakly" meaning the application of a water soluble fertilizer at no more than half strength every seven days or so.

  • PRO
    St Ignace Greenhouse & Florist

    Hey Boothbay, the plant is going to open soon. Fuchsias do like morning sun, make sure it gets some. I would recommend a fertilizer with a 20-10-20 ratio vs. the ratio you gave. The 'bloom booster' formula is not the right formula for plants. Proven winners 24-12-17 is one of the best i've seen for plants, I would strongly recommend that once every 3rd watering. You will love the results!

    As for watering: look, feel, & feel. Meaning, 'look' at the plant first, then 'feel' the weight of it, then 'feel' the soil. Fuchsias do drink a lot, but yours is still on the smaller side, so it isn't going to drink as much as a full grown plant. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions.

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