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This is why I always have a Fuschia around...

September 17, 2015

Theure so cute. I have about 3-4 different ones coming by daily, and while I'm really not okay with them hovering close to ,me (which one seems to want to do!), they are beautiful and fun to watch.

Just wanted to share!


Comments (5)
  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    The plant in your photo, while lovely, isn't actually a Fuchsia. It is a Phygelius aka Cape Fuchsia, not a member of the true Fuchsia species.

  • Sugi_C

    Hey Floral,

    No way, I didn't know Cape Fuschia wasn't considered a true Fuschia! I always thought the shape was just different in both flower and plant, but noted that the blooms were different from my old Fuschia plants, though hummers actually seem to like this one more.

    I just looked up Phygelius. Omg, full sun? Poor thing has been growing in shade and I have cuttings of it everywhere in shade, too! I'm guessing it needs a bigger pot, too? I noticed it will fill a 3 gallon in a matter of a couple months....and just thought, "What a hardy Fuschia!"

    Rats...another full sun plant. I don't have the room!!

    Boo, I posted on the wrong forum then.

  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    No worries - you've found out about a lovely plant. Yours looks happy so I wouldn't stress about changing its conditions.

  • GreenLarry

    I thought Penstemon at first,but yea Phygelia sounds about right. Nice

  • uaskigyrl

    Lovely picture & I love your plant!

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