Fall color has been wimpy here so far. Leaves are dropping pretty fast now but there are still a lot to come down - so we haven't started raking in the back yet! We're supposed to get some heavy rain in the next 24 hours or so, so that should bring down a lot of leaves. I just went out on the back patio and took some pictures:

looking SW from the patio:

The oak tree is only partly colored at this point. It holds 25-30% of its leaves through the winter. Most of the leaves on the back lawn are from our big old white ash.

Looking west:

The young fringetree in the foreground usually has nice butter-yellow fall color but it has barely started turning color at all. The dogwood partially showing on the right side of the picture only has a bit of red showing. We're still waiting for the tree service to come take down the dead pine near the back of our property. They were supposed to come this week but we haven't heard from them.

Looking north:

The house that overlooks the patio is our gardening neighbour - our gardens sort of merge along the fence and we garden-chat over the fence and share/trade plants/divisions of plants. The husband has lived there all his life - they bought his parents' house and added on to it. They wera bit dubious about us 'newcomers' at first but gardening provided much common ground and, 16 years later, we're part of the 'old timers' in the neighbourhood :-)

Their green ash is just about dead although they've had it treated in the past. There used to be another ash in their backyard but it came down in a summer windstorm many years ago now, before the EAB problem. There's another dead ash within a few feet of the fence on the neighbour to the south's property. That one could well hit our house when it comes down, so windy days worry me....!

I hope the rest of you are having a more colorful fall than we are! I've seen some nice pictures on a couple of other threads. Updates....? New pictures....?

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