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New dishwasher with septic?

6 years ago

I purchased a new home a few years ago and have slowly been updating the appliances. This year I'll be changing the kitchen sink, adding a over the range microwave and making space for a new dishwasher! Now I've never had a dishwasher before (and neither has this house). I've done some research since I'm on a septic system to make sure it wouldn't do damage and saw I just need to choose safer chemicals for the cleaning.

My one question I found during my research tho is Hard Food Disposer or Filtration, which is better on septic? My mom says food going into the septic is bad, would the first one be a worse idea due to this? The answer to this may help me figure out which of the two below I will choose.

With the holidays coming up and all the sales, I've think I've decided between either the Whirlpool Gold or Bosch Ascenta since I can get either for around $500. Any advice or other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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