K46 oil change with pictures

4 years ago

K46 oil change with pictures

I know there have been several posts about changing the oil
of a K46. I was a tech writer for over 30 years and hope I can explain this
procedure in better terms. Changing the oil is strictly a preventative
maintenance procedure, however some have reported it helping a weak K46. I originally changed the K46 oil on my 2010 Deere
X300 at 50 hours and now changing it again at 190 hours as preventive
maintenance. I did it originally because Deere buys K46’s from Tuff Torq with
10-30 motor oil in them and the K46 will benefit greatly by having the 5-50
synthetic in it. Synthetic will hold up much better against the biggest
destroyer of a K46 – HEAT. Along
with the synthetic oil, keeping the K46 clean will help it run cooler over the years
and give longer life, I use a leaf blower on mine. Washing with water or hose
is not a good idea, water = rust and some say the water can get into the K46
breathers and into the oil.

NOTE – after changing the oil at 190 hours, the oil drained
was dark but not too bad. But I defiantly felt an increase of power and speed –
surprised me. Time to do the oil change
– 1 hour to pull K46 out, but was taking pictures for this procedure. 1 hour to clean the K46 exterior and drain
the oil. Less than an hour to put it back together. If I was younger than 73 and worked non-stop
it would take about 2 hours.

This write up is specific to the Deere X300 but is very
similar in other tractors with a K46.

A note on Tech writing, when describing left, right, front
or back the position is determined by the operator’s position, not looking at
it from any other position unless noted.

  1. Jack up rear of tractor

  2. Remove wheels – watch for
    and save the keyways, may be in wheel or on axle or on the floor. (When
    putting wheels back on – put wheel on first and then put the keyway pin

  3. Support rear of tractor on
    stands and remove jack to use on K46.

  4. Remove link for forward
    and reverse on the right side of the K46.

  5. Remove “Free Wheeling” pull rod. There is a push on jamb nut that can carefully pried off at the K46 end.

  6. Remove link for brake
    (have brake in released position) Left side of K46.

7. Support K46 with jack.

8. Remove the bolt (13mm) on
the front right side of the K46 to the mounting bracket.

9. Remove the 4 bolts (13mm)
that hold the K46 to the tractor, remember or mark which holes they were

10.Remove the drive belt, lower the K46 a little way to
provide slack in the belt. You can reach in front of the K46 on the left side
above the tractor frame to pull the belt off.

11. Remove the K46 from under the tractor.

12. Remove the fan and pulley from the K46. Note positions
of washers and spring washer. On X300 from top down – Snap ring, Pulley, spring
washer, fan

13. Clean the K46 with soap and water using scrapers and
brushes to get it real clean. Use solvents on any grease or oil. It’s OK to use
water here as you are going to change the oil.

14. Remove the fill cap from the K46. It is the flat top
black plug under the fan and pulley, not the other plug which looks like it has
a handle on it. I found this can be difficult sometimes. The cap is just pushed
in. I got it started off by tapping up lightly under the lip of the cap with
hammer and small flat blade screwdriver. Once it started to move I could pry
around the edges and up.

15. Remove the magnet from the fill hole – it is the shape
of a coin and standing on end. Clean the magnet and replace after refilling

16. Turn the K46 over while over a pan or can to catch the
oil. Support as best you can. Note the condition of the old oil. Gray probably
water in it, black it’s been over heated. I used a coffee can inside a bucket
and it almost filled the coffee can (29 Oz coffee) but did not overflow.

Let it drain.

17. Refill the K46 with new 5W50 synthetic motor oil (takes
about 2 quarts, If more needed I top off with a little on my car’s 5W20
synthetic. Fill till ¾ to 1 inch below the top of the opening of the fill hole. Note - the fill hole is split near the top and it will not fill the other half of the K46 until reaching that split near the top.
Keep K46 level when checking level.

18. Purge the K46 by running it with a drill attached to the
input shaft (Clockwise as looking down from over the K46) and shifting it
between forward and reverse (right side lever) for about 10 times. Axles should
turn. Check oil level again and add oil if needed.

Reverse above steps to reinstall, make sure the keyways are
on the axle after mounting the wheels. I also grease the axles and other parts
for easier removal next time.

With tractor reassembled and on the ground, run forward and

If no movement

1 Check Free-wheeling rod is pushed in ALL the way toward
the front of the tractor.

2 The key ways were installed between the axle and

3 Drive belt is on correctly, front and rear.

4 You may also need
to purge some more by shifting forward and reverse sharply several times with
engine running.

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