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Broccoli plant

Robbie Monck
December 15, 2015

I have a broccoli plant that is still alive because it has been a mild winter so far, I was wondering if I bury it and cover it if it will come back up next year or if I'm just wasting time? It's in a X-large pot on my porch and I'm not willing to bring it inside also I harvested the main head and some of the shoot heads but there are some shoots still there just not growing the plant is still green and seems to be fairly healthy.

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  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    What is your winter weather like?

    Broccoli is a biennial plant and is programmed to grow through the winter and then flower in spring, so you might get more shoots then. After that it's done.

  • Robbie Monck

    Thanks for the advice! Normally It's below freezing here by now but it's been in the 40's and 50's so far but its supposed to snow Friday and talks of the cold coming. I live in a 6A zone but winters have been weird lately, last year it was extremely cold this year it's supper warm.

  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    In that case it will probably get too cold for the Brocolli to overwinter.

  • Robbie Monck

    Definitely last year, today it was in the mid 40's though. It's supposed to be a mild winter this year. Just knowing that it's possible I think I might try it. The only thing I'll lose is time and gaining the knowledge is worth a little time.

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