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Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

December 22, 2015

What with holiday preparations and temps forecast in the 60's, I haven't started winter sowing yet. Everything is ready, though, and I'll be going strong in a couple weeks. May all have a serene holiday season and a productive New Year.


Comments (6)

  • mnwsgal

    Glad to be on the lengthening days side of solstice. For the first time in many years I did not ws on solstice. Since I am only sowing annuals this winter I will wait unti February/March to start. It appears the warm fall is over as temps drop into the 20sF this next week and snow is expected the next few days.

  • bellarosa

    It's supposed to reach a high of 60 today here. I usually don't WS anything until mid-February and again, in April - my annuals. I wonder what effect this warm weather will have on my plants.

  • morz8

    It's raining, chilly here....decent weather for winter sowing. I'm awfully busy these last weeks and this week especially but I sowed one pot. Seeds from a fir in our yard, fir that looks like a noble but is pencil slim, very tall. I don't know if some kind of 'blend' (hybrid), or just an oddball shape ;)

    I'm making myself a note to order some seeds Sunday, there have been some things I've wanted to try...

    Love that our days should begin to get just a bit longer again now.

  • diggerdee zone 6 CT

    I don't usually sow anything on the solstice, but I certainly do look forward to it and celebrate it! I love the fact that the daylight is lengthening now, and I don't care how many people chuckle at me, I will take my extra two minutes of daylight and be very happy about it! :)

  • xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska
    Testing · More Info

    A little solstice humor!


  • PVick

    Funny, Heidi!

    Hello all! I have not done any winter sowing for the past couple of years but hope to get something in this year, maybe tomatoes and some annual flowers. My garden is a complete bust after two years of total neglect.

    Hey Digger! Absolutely with you on the extra minutes of daylight. I have myself convinced that I can actually "see" the difference from day to day. Yeah, sure.

    A little late for the solstice, but Happy Holidays to everyone!

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