Kratky method and LED's- nice combo for lettuce!

Stu Zone 7a NY
4 years ago

Just finished a test grow under 6500K Cree LED's. Planted seeds exactly one month ago in rock wool as well as a control set in soil. 3 Romaine lettuce and 2 Kale plants in each setup:

Control, growing in 4" pots of soil

Kratky in rock wool cube in 2" net cup. Just put it in and never touch again- water level drops, no additional nutrients added.

DWC in rock wool cube in 2" net cup. This system had an air stone running full time and water levels were maintained.

Both hydroponic methods were ready to harvest today, control in soil was about 1/4 the size! The Kratky method plants were slightly bigger than the DWC plants and had fuller root systems.

So, no more air pumps for me- just going Kratky method from now on for lettuce, will try some other plants too now- can't beat the "no watering or maintenance" aspect.

Kratky setup

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