Cold Hardy (zone 7a/6b) banana pups

ndev0524 Nick
4 years ago

I am looking to plant cold hardy tropicals around my pool to make me feel like I live in a more tropical climate, haha.
If anyone has any spare pups of cold hardy bananas I would love to trade or do SASE for them.

Thanks for your time,
Nick Devan

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  • ndev0524 Nick
    Original Author
    4 years ago

    By the way I am also looking for apple banana pups to grow in my greenhouse, after trying them in hawaii no other banana has been the same, unless some of you more knowledgeable banana growers know of a good flavored banana I can grow that only gets around 10'.

  • Lauren Crosariol
    4 years ago

    Nick I have an apple banana but no pups yet. There are a few small bananas out there. Truely tiny is supposed to be really small. Musa Basjoo is supposed to be really cold hardy. Also you can probably just put some old school christmas lights on them during the winter. I've heard of people doing that.