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Bosch Benchmark vs 800 series

April 30, 2016

We are in the process of getting new appliances. I have been looking at both bosch higher end series - benchmark and 800.

Obviously the benchmark series can only be ordered from specialty dealers and the 800 series can be purchased at many other stores (lowes, best buy, sears, etc).

Other then where they can be ordered, and that some are built in germany and others in North Carolina, I am failing to see what the difference between them are.

Is the Benchmark series significantly different? Is it worth the price difference?

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. I have searched both this forum and the rest of the internet and haven't found any conclusive information about them.

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  • 3katz4me

    I noticed when I was looking at the Bosch line of dishwashers and ranges that the Benchmark line seemed to have a couple extra features that I didn't care about. You need to look carefully at the specifications to see the differences. I think the DW might have been 1-2 DB quieter but I got the 800 series and its super quiet.

  • PRO

    Hello! I test and review dishwashers for Reviewed.com and might be able to offer some insight on your question.

    Back in 2013 when Bosch launched a new lineup of dishwashers, I tested the Bosch SHE68TL5UC from the 800 series and the SHE8PT55UC from the Benchmark series, both of which are still on the market today.

    Everything 3katz4me said is true, in that the difference in decibel rating between the 800 vs the Benchmark is pretty negligible, and you'll get a lot of costly, fancy luxuries (like a full-color LCD screen and interior lighting) that you might not want to pay extra for.

    However, our tests did find a difference in cleaning power. The 800 series dishwasher we tested didn't do a significantly better cleaning job than models from the 500 series, but the Benchmark model practically obliterated every stain we loaded in there.

    I went hands-on with each of these, so if you have any questions about them that aren't answered in the reviews, feel free to ask me here.



  • cpartist

    Johnny that's the DW's. What about the difference in the induction cooktops?

  • digitalman

    I went and looked at the 800 vs Benchmark dual fuel range. The differences were very minor. 2,000 more BTU for center burner, that also can do regular (high to low and simmer (high to low) - but only on that one burner. I think the control panel is color. And I think it also had a meat probe.

    The bigger difference is price. the benchmark is $2800 (with low chance of price discount other then bosch multi-purchase promotions); the 800 series is $2500 and available through big box stores. Currently Lowes has it for $2250, and with the easy to acquire new mover 10% discount, you are down to almost $2000. Taking that into account, I am not sure if if the price difference is worth the benchmark premium.

    @reviewed.com - As for the dishwashers, there are 4 different models in the benchmark series, that cost $1300, $1500, 1800 and $2000. So depending on which one you are referring to, it is tough to compare. A link to your review would have been helpful.

  • PRO

    Unfortunately, induction cooktops are out of my area of expertise, so I spoke with one of our oven reviewers and my editor-in-chief about this. In their opinion, the 800 series and the Benchmark are pretty much the same thing, just different branding. Our oven reviewer humbly suggests that you just buy the cheaper one.

  • digitalman

    @cpartist - I am assuming the differences for the induction ranges are similar to the dual fuel. A little more power, a few high end features. But in the end, mostly the same.

    I think Bosch has really done themselves a dis-service by not making the differences more obvious. Huge mistake. I was looking at the dishwashers and the only difference between the 4 benchmark models appears to be a 3db sound difference. It CAN'T be just that.

    But if that is all it appears to be between the 800 series and all the models within the benchmark series, many people will just go to a big box store and get the 800 series as it appears to be the exact same time.

    This is an elementary marketing no-no, as it puts the burden of why should I spend more money on the potential buyer.

  • Kim Ladin

    For wall ovens, I believe only the Benchmark offer convection in both ovens, not just the upper. For me, this makes a difference.

  • digitalman

    @kim - obviously the benchmark have the side open door too.

  • Jakvis

    The Bosch website has a compare app that allows 4 products to be compared side by side. I selected a side swing Benchmark and a standard door benchmark, an 800 series and 500 series and while the 2 benchmarks features are basically the same, there are several differences from the 800 and more still on the 500.


    Same thing with the induction cooktops from Benchmark to 800 to 500


  • digitalman

    @jakvis - try that with the dishwashers. largely the difference displayed is price.

  • 3katz4me

    I think it's like Honda vs. Acura or Toyota vs. Lexus - something for the segment of the US market who wants to demonstrate they have the luxury model even though it's not significantly different.

  • nerdyshopper

    I believe there is a difference in the tines of the drawers. More fold-down tines make some models (the expensive ones) much more able to handle pots and bowls that give trouble loading the cheaper ones.

  • digitalman

    thanks for that. Though at $1000+, I am not sure if I would call any 800 series or benchmark model that is less expensive "cheaper".... though I understand the point.

  • Jakvis

    With the Bosch D/W mechanically they are all the same from the highest price to the lowest price. The features go up with the prices, built-in water softeners, better racks, 3rd rack, interior lights, sound improvements, etc.

    Find the one with the features you like best.

  • aliciaandbilly

    I too am debating between an 800 series DLX model vs the "lower-end" Benchmark model (7P). I realize there are various added features, but in response to Johnny's comments about the difference in cleaning power, would this possibly be due to the water softener included on the Benchmark but not the 800? If all mechanics are the same....?

  • Andrew Mazer

    Perhaps the most significant difference between the Benchmark dual fuel range and the 800 series is when you use propane instead of natural gas. On both units, the heat output of the right front burner drops from 15K BTU to 13.5K BTUs, which is notable if not huge.

    However, on the power burner in the center, the output drops from 18K to 12.5K (yikes!) on the 800 series, yet on the Benchmark it drops only from 20K to 17K with propane. So the Benchmark gives you a very decent-- if not awesome-- power burner even with propane, while the 800 series gives you just one relatively anemic 13.5 burner as your most powerful option.

    Unfortunately, the $2799 Benchmark dual fuel is not a discountable item. Paying about $600 more for the extra power in just one burner doesn't sit right with me. True, the Benchmark includes a sliding oven rack and soft-close door, but those bells are irrelevant to me.

    So, I decided to spend a few hundred more and go with the entry-level Capital Precision all-gas range ($3,199). It got excellent reviews for performance and reliability and has four 19K burners, even with propane... and they all go down to a mere simmer. True, the oven is gas and not self-cleaning, but that's a trade off I'm OK with.

    Moreover, the electronic panel on the Bosch seems vulnerable being so close to the oven door and susceptible to the intense heat of a self-cleaning cycle.

  • cailgirl123

    For speed ovens, I can not find any differences between the Benchmark and 800 series with 240 volt (there is one with 120 volt). They look the same and when I use the compare option that shows only differences on the Bosch website, it shows no differences. Does anyone know of any differences between the two?

  • wekick

    Bosch's website is terrible in determining the differences in appliances. I would read the use and care manuals. For researching dishwashers, I had to resort to zooming in on pictures of the control panels of umpteen different models. Also check some of the online dealers as they can have more info than Bosch's website.

  • HU-805972817

    Benchmark versus 800 Series is simple for me. All Bosch dishwashers are made in the U.S.A. except one model line - Benchmark, which are made in Germany. That one difference alone swayed me over to the Benchmark.

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