Flowers in June

Hi, just thought i'd share a few photos of roses that have been blooming here in june so far. In my climate the rose season has only recently started and many are still only in bud stage, but I grow quite a few in pots and they get a head start in my garage...

Boscobel (Austin 2012)

The Lady Gardener (Austin 2013)

St. Ethelburga (Amanda Beales 2006)

Leah Tutu (Colin P Horner 2009)

Koré (Josef Urban 1980)

Lavender Ice (Tantau 2008)

Souvenir de Gilbert Nabonnand (Clément
Nabonnand 1920)

Léda (1827)

Some canes are mutating/sporting to
what looks like Pink Léda?

Damaris (Novaspina 2014)

Maxime Corbon (Barbier 1918)

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