New parlor palm issues...

December 15, 2016

Hey folks,

I posted this in the terrarium category and haven't gotten a response. Maybe more people will see it here. Forgive me, I'm still getting used to the forum...

I have a little parlor palm that I picked up from Safeway a few months ago. I have it in a 4 inch terra cotta right now, and I noticed last week that a lower frond had shriveled and some of the other tips are curling. I've read online that this can be attributed to either scorching (I move my plants around, but lately I did have it in a west window with a fair amount of afternoon sun) or lack of humidity (I live in Denver, so also a likely cause).

I've moved it away from the window and I'm thinking about planting it in a large glass cylinder for better humidity. What do you think? A Google search on parlor palm terrariums didn't find much information. There's a few pictures of them, but not many, which lends me to thinking that maybe they don't survive it or people just don't do it.

I've killed a parlor palm before, but they're so cute and I don't want this one to meet the same fate. Thanks for reading!


*Since originally posting this a few days ago in the terrarium category, it's gotten much worse. Now several of the fronds are getting brown and crispy. I need a quick solution if I'm going to save it. Help me please! I'll post a picture later today.

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