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Fiddle leaf fig new growth in winter? help!

February 11, 2017
last modified: February 11, 2017

Hi there.

I've had a fiddle leaf fig since June 2016. It's a very healthy plant, I've had no issues with it. However I noticed at the end of summer it was outgrowing it's pot. No big deal, I thought, it will be dormant throughout the winter so I won't have to worry about repotting until spring (which from what I understand is the best time to do so). Well the thing won't stop growing. It has grown 4 new leaves since September (2 in the last week) plus the 5 it grew over summer! I shouldn't complain, at least its not dying! But the problem now is the pot size. The fig has lost four leaves from the bottom up since the winter began. I am assuming this is because it has outgrown its pot and is accommodating the new growth? So now I think I need to repot this guy asap to prevent the loss of anymore leaves. But it's the middle of winter... everything I've read says reporting in the winter is a no-no. Help! Can I repot now? Is growth throughout winter normal? For reference I live in Saskatchewan, dead cold winters with short days. The plant recieves light from a SW facing window.

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  • Dave

    It's not losing leaves due to pot size. It's light related or other cultural factors.

    Ficus trees do not go dormant in the winter. They grow all year, but usually slow down a bit during the winter.

    Yes it does look like it needs to be repotted, but you can wait until June without issue.

    id get it closer to the window. As in right up in front of it.

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