Plant trades for 2017

3 years ago

Wow, what happened to this place. It looks like only a few trades a year now.
So lets kick out the jams here.
It looks like I will have a few tropical lillies to trade, mostly a great blooming great looking blue. It was probably a Tina I have to check labels. Also a more maroon called mameaw (sp). Both vivips.
I have some black taro.
Lots of hyacinth and lettuce
A couple of really great hardies.
Wan visa is an amazingly tough beautiful leaf and the flower is red-pink with little yellow flecks in the petals.
The other is a powerful growing peach that is still putting out flowers in my pond mostly in shade on the north side of the house in feb. Even in San Diego I dont get that happening here.
Looking for other lillies , water hawthorne and really want to try a lotus again this year.

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