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Plant trades for 2017

March 8, 2017

Wow, what happened to this place. It looks like only a few trades a year now.
So lets kick out the jams here.
It looks like I will have a few tropical lillies to trade, mostly a great blooming great looking blue. It was probably a Tina I have to check labels. Also a more maroon called mameaw (sp). Both vivips.
I have some black taro.
Lots of hyacinth and lettuce
A couple of really great hardies.
Wan visa is an amazingly tough beautiful leaf and the flower is red-pink with little yellow flecks in the petals.
The other is a powerful growing peach that is still putting out flowers in my pond mostly in shade on the north side of the house in feb. Even in San Diego I dont get that happening here.
Looking for other lillies , water hawthorne and really want to try a lotus again this year.

Comments (11)

  • Andrew Darland

    i would love black taro

  • l B

    have tuberoses to trade for lily or other water plants. In San Jose,Ca.

  • kuchinickb

    I haven't been on this site since it was thathomesite.com....Decided to dedicate some time and love into my pond again, after a few years, got onto the forum... WoW! You are right! What happened?!?!Back in 2001, I sent over 150 packages of plants thru this forum... There were new posts, daily. Where did everyone go? Anyway, I have some yellow hardy water lilies ( texas dawn or chrometella?), some elephant ear bulbs that I snagged from a client's house ~ Hers are taller than me.. the bulbs are fist sized, and brown. maybe a pitcher plant bulb, native to my area, in Florida, umbrella palm, other lilies, named, but couldn't tell you what they are, as labels have disintegrated over the years. Have another getting ready to bloom, it looks reddish (maybe Perry's), but won't know for a day or two... Would love Love LOVE some of your vivips. I have some lotus seeds, not sure of color or kind, tho. I am growing some now..I can't believe No One posts on this forum anymore. It used to be awesome! Hope to here from You soon! I have more to offer than listed!

  • Lisa Dolan Roth

    I'm in PA. Would any of these survive herein zone 6? I have only arrowroot and yellow iris as trade. I'm new to ponds and plants.

  • nomadh

    My taros barely made it. I'll have to see how they do later in the summer.

    kuchinickb Masybe we can trade something. What type of perry red do you have or what lotus? I do have a few vivip babies possibly. The frog bit went crazy last winter if you need that.

  • kimtruong54

    I would like to trade my tropical sacred lotus seeds for your 1 or 2 water lily tubers. I can pay the tubers' postage. If you are interested, please email me at kimtruong54@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  • Connie Harris_Bennett

    If you would be willing to send some of your hyacinth and lettuce for postage I would be forever indebted to you. I did a water change in my pond and the water is green again. Thanks.

  • Karen Magreevy

    I would LOVE to have a start of anything but tropical lilies. I will send you all postage if you will send me a start!!!!!!!! I haven't messed with my pond in 4 years due to health issues. I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!! I want to pond!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah... there was LOTS of people here several years ago. Things change!

  • silver60schild

    Would love to send you some yellow flag iris. Got to warn you, if it likes it there (and by that I mean anywhere-sun, shade, cold, hot) it will take over. Depending on how much it likes it, the plant will grow from 2'-6' and 2' wide to infinity. Forget trying to contain it in a pot or tub. The container will disappear within a year and be forever gone inside the root ball. It flowers multi blooms per stem, multi stems per plant and a gorgeous golden yellow (looks alot like very HOT dutch iris). This offer is open to all. . .will ship clipped. Please specify how much you want. You pay the postage. Reply Silver60schild@aol.com

  • Keilia Lumiere

    I am working on a volunteer project for a Children's Camp. I have a few sapphire lotus seeds, which I haven't started. I have 4 ponds to decorate and plant plants around and in. If you have anything available, I would be very grateful.

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