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Need help with choosing plants for the backyard

April 23, 2013
The area to design is not very big, but I am struggling with choosing some plants that I like and not being able to match them with what we already have or not matching with the overall design. Please help. It's a mainly a full sun area.. one of the pictures shows the side part with a little partly shade area. thanks

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  • TanCalGal
    The first photo is dark + I do not know what plants you have nor what plants you like nor where you live. You have the right idea, though: it is best to limit the shrubs and trees in your garden to about 5 different kinds of shrubs or trees....repeat the shrubs & trees you have & add some annuals for color.

    If I lived in your house: I like stones, and would spray some Roundup on the stone area and keep that area unplanted. Stones:
    Fisher Street Residence · More Info

    In the raised area, I'd plant lavender, all the same variety. Lavender:
    Portola Valley Estate · More Info

    Other ideas: herb garden, vegetable garden, succulent garden, rose garden, lemon trees....
  • PRO
    Showcase Gardens
    Is that a big yucca behind the pool? olldj22 is right. Without knowing where your house is, we can't give you any specific advice on plants. For example: are you in LA or Miami? Both are considered Zone 10, so you'd expect the same plants. Well, Miami is a lot more humid and wet than LA, so desert plants that thrive there might survive here, but they'll never look as nice as they do in LA. Lush, leafy tropicals that are low-maintenance plants here in S Florida, will require tons of water in LA.
  • avdalyan
    Thank you very much for your comments. I am adding one more picture since that one is dark. I'm not sure about the name of the plant. That's the only big plant left. The house is in California/ Sacramento. We had palm on both sides of the big plant, but they are dead due to cold winter. I also added some pictures of the kind of plans that I like. Not sure if they will work together or how to incorporate them. Thanks
  • avdalyan
    One more:)
  • avdalyan
    Also, forgot to mention that there are tulips, daffodils, lilies and bird of paradise....
    Can u please advise how to delete one of the discussions or combine them.... I am new to this. Since I didn't get any response the first day I went ahead and created another discussion. Now I have two
  • PRO
    You are looking at a sago palm (last one) should work fine, the red leafed plant looks like a berberis tom thumb (atropurpura) I have seen it grown in the UK and in Switzerland..., the rounded ones look like boxwood and in Europe boxwood blight is all the rage (not good); i don't know what the tall purple one is, but a phormium new zealand is like that without the trunk - doesn't like very cold winters and didn't survive in my Swiss garden!
  • PRO
    To delete a discussion - go to the the dilemma and just below the question you have the option to comment, edit etc and delete
  • TanCalGal
    Since you have stones in other areas, I'd keep the stones, & use weed killer in the one back area (as I said above). I think the tall purple one is a cordyline (red leaf dracena). It would look good in the raised bed with this silver ground cover.
    Turtle Rock House · More Info

    Or in the raised bed you could have 3-5 sago plants with a ground cover (this looks like a red" wandering jew")
    Partial Rear Elevation · More Info

    In the area that looks somewhat overgrown. I'd clean it out and plant ivy geranium as a ground cover, maybe white.

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