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Very wet corner

March 30, 2017

Ok, long story short I had started this discussion in the tree forums as I wanted a wet tree for my wet soil. Anyway, thanks to the guys there I think I've changed my mind and now like the idea of creating a bog garden. I'm in Scotland so my bog probably won't be as lush or extravagant as some due to my climate.

Im wondering if you guys wouldn't mind sharing some pics? Just so I can be nosey, lol only joking, I would like to grab some ideas etc as I guess I could decorate it with other items as well as plants

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  • mountainy man z8 Ireland

    Hi Sophannah, what type of soil do you have, is it peaty or wet clay? standing water part of the year? all year? I am surrounded by real bog here in north west Ireland and have been experimenting (ie. killing things lol) on what will grow here for ten years.

    Ok, I just found your thread in the tree forum and see what the story is. If I were you I'd plant a Gunnera which is the most stunning of bog plants, which would make a real statement in that corner growing to five feet or so in height and maybe six to eight feet wide if its happy.They drink a lot of water! I'd under plant it with ferns and candelabra Primulas and purple Bugle. There are lots of what I call "soggy" plants out there but most die back for the winter. Have fun whatever you decide to do.


    Some primulas and friends.

    Primula Florindae, Giant Himalayan cowslip. Cinnamon scented.

  • Sophannah

    Hi denis

    is this your garden? Wow, it's very impressive...absolutely gorgeous. This is exactly how I would like mines to look.

    Funnily enough I have been looking at gunnera, I love the statement look they give.

    I was out in the garden the whole day on Sunday. Now, I never dig holes anymore due to our very bad drainage issues, everything ends up soaking....however I needed a place for a Hosta. So I dig a hole, a biggish one to fit the root ball....everything was going well, then I hit stone. I pulled out a few, which was hard due to them being lodged in the clay. Anyway when I started pulling them out, the hole started filling with water. I pulled out what I could but couldn't go any further...it's solid stone, and I wasn't strong enough to pull anymore out. So my hole now, is now full of water. The water obviously isn't able to seep through all that rubble.

    If I ever move house again, I won't buy if it has clay soil!! Lol

  • Cathy Kaufell

    Here are some pics of all the plants I grow along my wet stream bank


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