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Bird nest in my fuschia

June 9, 2017

I hung up my beautiful basket of fuschia about 2 weeks ago. Since we've had so much rain I haven't had to water it, but yesterday I decided to give it a drink and found, not only a bird's nest, but 4 little white eggs inside. I didn't realize the birds could build it and lay eggs so quickly. Last weekend, I lost my beloved cat and I've been grieving over him, seeing that nest with the tiny eggs made me smile, working in the garden and seeing nature at work is good therapy.

Comment (1)

  • minflick

    OT, but not OT - I had an epiphyllum in a hanging pot that a dove raised 3 (THREE!) sets of babies in one year. She'd even sit there when I watered the thing (veery slowly, at a trickle, to not flood the 'nest'). That plant never grew so well as it did the 3 years doves nested in it. I think it was the dove equivalent of a king size bed!

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