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Watering problem

July 19, 2017

At least I think my fuchsia has a watering problem. The one I grew last year, also in a hanging basket, did beautifully. It was my first, and I kept it well watered because I'd read that's what fuchsias need. This year's fuchsia looked fine when I planted it in the pot, but hasn't looked all that great since. It seems to get more and more limp, and the blossoms often fall early.

At first I thought I wasn't watering it enough; then I thought I may have over-watered it. Our weather has been hot, and my other hanging baskets are watered every day. But I haven't watered the fuchsia in several days because the pot is heavy and the top of the soil is damp and cool. I'm wondering if I should remove as much of the soil as I safely can, and sort of start over. Or do something else? I'm hoping someone here will advise me.


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  • charles kraft (SoCal 9B)

    They need good watering, and good drainage so air can get to the roots. They also like good water, my tap water is so bad I might as well not water the plants. There is also the possible problem of insects doing damage below the soil. I had a problem with root mealy bugs for a while.

  • Alisande

    Thank you, Charles. Maybe I'll gently poke around in there. The soil is Miracle Gro Potting Mix, which usually drains well. I use it for all my containers. We have good well water.

  • charles kraft (SoCal 9B)

    When I used to hang out with people who grew very nice fuchsias the story was to use about half potting mix and half planter's mix, the potting soil was too dense by itself.

    Alisande thanked charles kraft (SoCal 9B)
  • Alisande

    Thanks! I think we still have some of that. I guess I just lucked out last year with the potting mix.

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