Considering Garden Tower 2 for indoors

I've been researching the Garden Tower 2 for an indoor garden. I have a successful outdoor garden but I am in north central Texas and would like lettuce all summer, which was what got me to looking at the tower. I have a place to put it in a South window. I *think* this would be enough light for the greens but if I'm going to do this instead of some kind of planter I would love to be able to benefit it from it with a few other veggies at times I can't grow them outside.

In addition to lettuce/herbs I'm considering a dwarf cherry tomato that could grow in the off season, maybe a few strawberries and possibly some broccoli. So I am uncertain about my window having a enough light for the tomato, strawberries or broccoli (I haven't grown strawberries or been very successful with broccoli outside. It get's hot too fast in the spring for my broccoli and cold too fast in fall and bugs add to my difficulties)

Even if the light is enough in the summer months I assume I would need more light for the tomato in the shorter days of winter. This is where I struggle. I want something streamlined and expensive and I have never used grow lights. In looking I wondered about some clip on, flexible led grow lights similar to this:


Could something like this be clipped near the tomato plant and would that be sufficient to supplement the light coming in the window?

I've had trouble finding information about how much sunlight through a window is enough for veggies (particularly the tomato plant).

If I decide to do just greens/herbs how much direct sunlight from a window is enough? I have another window I would prefer to use if only doing greens but it gets less direct sunlight. It gets 3-5 hours in the morning depending on the time of year. The rest is indirect light.

I am open to suggestions on how to do this successfully indoors.

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