Wanted Seeds for postage after hurricane recovery

2 years ago

Hi everyone,
I have seeds for edible perennials and vegetables and flowers.
But after going through hurricane a lot of my seeds don't' want to sprout. I keep trying but mostly wasting time and most of the food I eat is grown in my indoor garden.
Does anyone have seeds for postage that are vegetable, edible Perennials, or edible flowers, edible aquatic or even cuttings. I'll pay postage but can't swap due to not sure what i have that is viable. Although I could trade guppies or swordtails haha. Any help would be appreciated and i can give a wishlist if want.
Oh i could trade some African violet leaves for starting new plant. Anyway thank you in advance.

The list is big because I lost a lot.
Most things I get will be grown in my aquaponics trays or hydroponics. very little will be in normal garden.

Perennial and wild are welcome and Anything you think i might like to try.

Begin list of seeds, cuttings, roots, plants, tubers, etc. needed:

Greens Red leaf Vegetable Amaranth (any vegetable amaranth)

Common Arrowhead Native Wildflower (Saggittaria latifolia)
Bok Choi Tatsoi
Baby Choi
Banana tree
Beets - for greens
Berry's dwarf any varieties types welcome
Beans -Bush (any kind)

- Gold Rush Bush Bean
Beans - Pole
Dwarf or baby Carrots
Cactus - Prickly pear (Opuntia spp.)
Cactus - dragon fruit (pitaya)


- Baby Little Fingers Carrot
Cutting Celery
Chrysanthemum ( Shungiku Seeds Chrysanthemum)
Coconut - Sproutable grow-able
Corn (shorter stalks better)

Corn Salad -
Cucumber unique varieties
Cucumber Japanese
- lemon Cucumber
Dahlia - edible
Edible Flowers - Any kind
Endive ( Glory Frisee and Green Ruffles) or any slow bolt

- Endive "Green Ruffec" Frisee Heirloom
Jerusalem Artichoke - Hardy Red Fuseau Variety preferred (Sunroot 'chokes or Sunchoke)
Kale- Tree (cuttings fine too)
Chinese Kale
Komatsura - Brassica rapa - mustard Spinach
lamb's ear
lamb's quarters - Chenopodium album
lemon balm
Lemon tree - Meyers ( mine almost dead since hurricane damaged it)
lemon tree - Variegated Pink Fleshed Eureka lemon type
Amish Deer tongue lettuce
Red Deer Tongue lettuce - Lactuca sativa
Green Deer Tongue Lettuce - Lactuca sativa
Green Oakleaf lettuce
Ruby Lettuce
Emerald lettuce
Garden babies butterhead
Lettuce Romaine Freckles
Lettuce Butterhead speckles
Lettuce Leaf - Red Sails
Lettuce - Heatwave Blends
Lettuce Nevada Lettuce

And add more lettuce at bottom of list

Lima Beans
Lime tree
lychee tree
Sweet apple
Sweet potato
Mexican Sunflower
Mustard - any good mustard varieties or perennials
Mustard India - Florida Broad leaf or similar
Nasturtium - Nasturtium officinale
Stinging nettle
Onion Bunching/Scallion varieties
White libson
Italian Red of Florence
Onion Cipollini - Borettara
Onion - evergreen long white bunching
Onion - tokyo long white bunching
Onion - Perennial Egyptian Walking Onion
Pansy - (edible)

miniature pumpkins
Root Parsley - Vrozhaina
Snow peas
little marvel dwarf pea
sugar snap pea
Radish varieties of:
- French Breakfast Radish
- Cherry belle Radish
- Easter egg blend Radish
Salad Greens any kind
Summer Savory
Sorrel - odessa
Sorrel - Shyrokolystyy

Sorrel - Blood-Veined Heirloom Greens
Spinach - levewa - Climbing Spinach ornamental as is edible too
Spinach - catalina
Strawberries ever-bearing anything available
- Mignonette Alpine Strawberry
- temptation strawberry
Squash Summer mostly - Bush or vine
- yellow squash
- Bush Scallop

- Emerald Delight Summer Squash

- Cube of Butter Summer Squash
- Container varieties
Sweet Annie
Swiss Chard
Sweet Majoram

Tomatillo Toma Verde
Thyme varieties:
- Creeping thyme
- English thyme
Turnip - green top - seven top
Turnip any for greens mostly
Tomato varieties: although i have some tomato seedling volunteers from worm bin
- Want Grape, Cherry, Container, Bush, dwarf varieties when possible but any unique tasty varieties
- Golden cherry tomato
- Black Seedman tomato
- Sweet baby Girl cherry tomato
- Bushsteak hybrid - dwarf
- Patio Princess tomato
- Tiny Tim tomato
- Lizziano hybrid cherry tomato
Viola - Johhny jump up any edible Violas
Wrinkled Crinkled cress
Winter cress (cream and green) (Barbara vulgaris variegeta)
zucchini container varieties

Aquatic edibles all grown in containers aquaponics systems and ponds:
Lotus root - Nelumbo nucifera
(Sacred Water Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Chinese Arrowroot)
Water Celery
Water Chestnut
Water spinach
Water lily
Any edible aquatics

Perennial vegetables:
Air potato - edible
Bamboo - edible types
Cactus - any edible kind only
Cape gooseberry/Peruvian ground cherry (Physalis peruviana)
Hibiscus - edible

- Thai Red Roselle Seeds (Hibiscus sabdariffa)

- Cranberry Hibiscus, Hibiscus Acetosella

Katuk - Tropical Asparagus - Star Gooseberry - Sweet Leaf - Sauropus
Okinawa Spinach
Perennial Cucumber
Sissoo Spinach

Split Leaf Philodendron (Monstera - Edible Fruit tastes like Pineapple)
Tree Collards
Turkish Rocket

I will add more later with botanical names

Lettuce list continued:
Bibb Butterhead Lettuce
Igloo Lettuce
Baby Romaine Lettuce
Romain - little Gem Lettuce
Green ice Lettuce
little ceaser Lettuce
Four Seasons Lettuce
Simpson Elite Lettuce

All flowerbeds and stuff ruined so gonna make a edible landscape with containers
Fruits: (all these will be cropped and/or potted)
Asian Pear (will be trained as espaliers or cropped regularly)
Ice cream Banana (Musa acuminata)
Che / Chinese mulberry (Cudrania tricuspidata)
Chinese Bayberry (or Waxberry)
Chokeberry (Aronia spp.)
Currants (Ribes spp.)
Gooseberry (Ribes spp.)
Goumi /Silverberry (Elaeagnus multiflora)
Huckleberry Evergreen (Vaccinium ovatum)
Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus)
Lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea)
Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica)
Mangosteen (i want my baby back)
Maypop (Passiflora incarnata)
Mulberry (Morus spp.)
Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis)
Papaya (Carica papaya)
Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)
Pulasan - Nephelium ramboutan-ake (Sapindaceae)
Salmonberry (Rubus spectabilis)
Star Fruit - Averrhoa carambola
Sugar apples (Annona squamosa)
Wax apples (Syzygium samarangense)


Green mist Queen Anne's lace

I appreciate any seeds, plants, cuttings, tubers, etc.

Thank you and will be happy to trade once i get reestablished.

Happy to share some photos later.

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  • thecountrygal
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    2 years ago

    hi everyone anyone there anymore? sure not like the Gardenweb I used to know

  • dirtygardener
    2 years ago

    I think the seed exchange has been decimated by people moving over to Facebook. Plus, there is such an extensive list of "bad traders," some added for absolutely no reason except that someone didn't like the trade they got, that it's become almost a clique.

    Please PM me. I may be able to help, depending on where you live.

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  • thecountrygal
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    2 years ago

    Message sent and thank you

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