Need help with kitchen layout -tricky structural column to work around

August 8, 2018

Hi all. I have a steel column (5"x5") in a peninsula that can't be moved in my kitchen reno. I am hoping some creative people here can help it look less awkward.

As currently designed, the peninsula will have 24" deep cabinets and 15" counter overhang with seating. It is 6' wide with the column flush with one side and about 18" from the end. Another alternative is losing that extra 24" (really an 18" cabinet since the column takes up almost 6") and have the column be flush with the end of the peninsula. I am now leaning toward that even though I hate losing that extra lower cabinet. If I do that, should I leave it as small as possible (5"x5") or make it wider to have space for an outlet, small shelves, something else creative that will integrate/acknowledge that column instead of trying to ignore it?

Our house is pretty small, so my kitchen reno goal is to open up the kitchen and the kitchen/dining connection. I have 3 small kids who like to help in the kitchen, but right now, it's pretty cramped. I also envision them sitting at the counter doing homework one day, which is another reason I hate to lose that extra 18/24" of counter b/c if I end it at the column, there will only be about 53" of counter, which will be tight for 3 kids.

We/family are doing most of the work ourselves, so we don't have an exact budget. We're in the moderate range - Ikea cabs, Bosch/Kitchenaid type appliances, quartz counters. We plan to stay in the house at least 10 years, so not trying to cut corners.

I tried to post this earlier with photos and it froze, so I'll post photos and layouts below with explanations.

Thanks in advance! I'm excited to see what you creative geniuses come up with.

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