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ACS Conifer Quarterly

August 9, 2018

I recently received my very first issue and very much enjoying it. Many interesting articles covering everything from a gymnosperm book review to conifer garden design.

BTW, the member profile on Sara Malone even caught the attention of my spouse, especially her answer to the following question: What’s your biggest conifer challenge? What can’t you grow that you wish you could?

Very humorous!

Comments (8)

  • PRO
    David Olszyk, President, American Conifer Society

    Thank you for your kind comments. I wish you a long and rewarding experience with The Coolest Plants Society on Earth.

  • PRO
    Form and Foliage

    You have no idea the pain that I have endured with those damn Tsugas! :-)

  • plantkiller_il_5

    david I noticed right the other day you changed your screen name, congrats

    sara your whole profile was entertaining


  • whaas_5a

    Since Sara is a long time contributor to Garden Web you should post it here!

  • tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱

    Sorry your tsugas are sucky, Sara...

    I too enjoyed that issue... as well all the others. I've been a member for 12 years and it is, indeed, a great group of folks.


  • Sara Malone Zone 9b

    I tried...but this luddite site won't allow me to do it...

    And tj my Tsugas aren't sucky, they're tsucky.

  • maackia

    Here’s some more good work by the ACS. The Oregon Garden isn’t all that old, but still awesome. My spouse has not bought into the conifer craze, but she thought this garden was beautiful. It kind of reminded me of a NW version of the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden. Very different in some important ways, but oddly similar in others.

  • Sara Malone Zone 9b

    And we give scholarships and grants to botanical gardens and research facilities.

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