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How much imidacloprid should I be using

August 21, 2018

Well I did read the imidacloprid application rates and stuff but there is some logical issue or I am missing something.
It says For shrubs use at a rate of 0.1 to 0.4 ounces per foot of height. Which means around 3 to 12 grams per foot of height.
Now I have a 1000 square feet plot where I have 22 shrubs.
In the very next paragraph it says never use more than 0.4 lbs that is around 180 grams per acre/year. LOL at this rates I can only use 4 grams per 1000 sqft per year.
How is this possible.
And why am I only allowed to use 0.4 lbs per acre/year ( Yes I know about ground water leeching etc ) just asking if there are other side effects or am I still missing something.
PS : I am not into chemical warfare with pests. I usually stick to neem oil and soaps but after seeing the total havoc from last 2 years I needed something to get me back on track.

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  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    You probably don't want to hear this but I wouldn't use it at all. It's been illegal to use on flowering crops in the the European Union since 2013 and has just been banned for all outdoor use. I wouldn't want something like that in my garden.

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    If you need to ask, you are using too much. I know that sounds rather flip but it is true.

    What are you trying to control? And on what plants? Most of the insects imidacloprid and its cousins are intended to control can be easily and efficiently treated by other means. Neonicotinoids ar seriously being discouraged from use because they have systemic qualities, remain in the plant with repect to pollen, nectar and seeds and are considered to be one of the reasons behind the demise of honeybees and hive collapse. And if you are eating plants/vegetables treated with imidacloprid or other neonics, you are consuming the pesticide as well. And its impact on humans is of concern and is undergoing scientific study.

  • keralpatel

    As I already mentioned I haven't used any chemicals since two years. But situation needs me to use it sparingly and that is the reason I asked. If by asking it means I am using too much then someone needs to reread the question which states clearly that I haven't used it and am myself against using it but when all options are not working and you are on verge of losing your established old roses then something needs to be done.

    I was advised by local rose society and where I live it is not illegal to use it.

    Thanks for not answering the questions and letting me know how bad it is for bees when global imidacloprid sales are topping the charts.

  • docmom_gw

    Cigarette sales and use topped the global charts a few generations ago, and now half of my hospice patients are dying from lung cancer. Dangers are not always obvious up front, and the companies raking in the profits are not in any hurry to investigate them.


  • keralpatel

    Definitely agree :) People are getting diabetes and strokes but they still gobble up big unhealthy burgers and fries with sugar filled sodas. If I stop eating burger or smoking I don't think I might be able to survive :'(

  • keralpatel

    Yes exactly. People are dying of stuffing big burgers and fries in their stomachs and they aren't able to walk or sit due to obesity. Sugar filled sodas are also topping the charts LOL.

    But I guess using imidacloprid according to label or asking about it is not a good idea.

    I think I will just go and have some double cheese burgers with some fries and cola. I am now getting worried about global warming and illegal fishing as well as increasing internet usage among teens.

    Thanks for your inputs.

  • keralpatel

    Anyway if someone knows any good sources of organic tobacco then please guide me for that too.

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