Hoya Kerrii Help!!

So I purchased this Hoya maybe a month ago. I contacted the seller and she got back to me but then disappeared and never gave me any advice. :( so here I am because I still can’t seem to figure out what to do with this plant..

this is my first Hoya ever so I’m not sure what they are supposed to look like, I mostly have succulents/cacti and some houseplants (calathea, fern, wandering jew) etc. when I first got the Hoya it had three leaves. One leaf was thin as paper and completely drooped so after about a week I removed it because I figured it was dead. i continued on with normal care and then another week later I noticed the remaining leaves themselves started wrinkling. I pulled the plant out of the pot to figure out what was going on and to take pics to send the seller for advice. I noticed the entire main stem was complete wood- see pics.

Now the leaves’ edges are curling towards the back and it’s wrinkly. I’m so confused. I originally potted it in a gritty succulent soil (gritty mix- not much organic material) but figured maybe it was too well draining so I switched to an actual organic soil mix that is still somewhat well draining but a bit richer than the gritty mix. Anyways, is there any hope for this plant or should I toss it? And what the heck did I do wrong? I watered once a week and definitely didn’t over water. When I noticed the leaves wrinkling and the stem looking dry I gave It a good drench.

Honestly all this stuff started happening within the first week I received it and I just can’t seem to believe that I did something wrong that caused this. I had only watered it once within a 5-7 day period before noticing that it wasn’t looking good and it all continued downhill from there. I’m really bummed especially since the seller couldn’t give me any advice. So if someone here can help me save this plant, if that’s even possible, I’d be very gratefull. I spent 30$ on this thing!


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