Help with ID on variegated grass or sedge

I got this grassy plant at a local botanical garden sale. It had no ID, but was pretty and free so I picked it up. Before I plant it, though, I’d like to have a general idea of what it is. The main thing I’d like to know is how much and how fast will it spread? this will have a huge impact on if/where I plant it.

Anyone have have any ideas? It’s pretty drough tolerant, only 4-6” high, no seed heads this year all summer out of about 8 clumps. Seems to be a clumper, although it *might* have short rhizomes. Real pretty, somewhat stiff blades. It sort of reminds me of a sedge I have, so I’m wondering if this is a possibility.

Any help would be appreciaed! :) Thanks!

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