Seed saving for Thuja occidentalis.


I picked some cones that were turning color, about a week ago from a tree I believe is Thuja o.

If it's not, it's close enough. It's 50 ft. high and dia. at 4 ft is around 16".

Any ways, today I checked the cones that I had put in a brown paper bag, they were turning brown and opening up, ready to drop seeds. Some seeds were loose inside the bag.

So I shook them up good and cleaned them and put them in a 'baggie' plastic snack bag.

Q: Can I just place them in a cool, dry place, using this bag, to store them for a few months? Until time to stratify/germinate later this winter?

I don't want to take a chance of molding so thought I'd ask.

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  • Bill_minn_3b {West Central MN}

    After searching every subject I could find about storing seeds in baggies and correct drying, I'm still a little sketchy on how dry is dry enough and can you get seeds too dry? These have been drying in the cones for over a week. I'm sure it's different for different seeds and these seem to be quite small with feathery outsides, so are these dry enough? They must be different from, say a maple seed.

  • Bill_minn_3b {West Central MN}


    The seeds came through just fine with no mold. I didn't do anything but left them in a paper bag for a week.

    Soaked some and put in the fridge to cold stratify but don't know if they really need that from what I've read.

    Edit: 2-7-19

    I had an extra bag of these seed so soaked them 24 hrs. and spread them over pure perlite then covered with a thin layer of perlite. Moistened it all and put them in a container in the Fridge.

  • Bill_minn_3b {West Central MN}

    I put one of the 2-6-19 trays on the heat mat today. It had 30 days in the fridge and it may be too early to start seeds, depending on the weather but I have so many of these Thuja seeds, I can try more later. :-)

  • Bill_minn_3b {West Central MN}

    All that I put in starting mix germinated. Some that were stratified and some right out of the baggie. [See HERE[( for germination thread. :0)

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