Hippeastrum Merengue

Fred Biasella
last year

Hello All,

I emailed Paul from Royal Colors yesterday regarding the availability of this hippie and he was nice enough to reply this morning. Unfortunately, he told me that is is out of production, big bummer :-(((( I am wondering if anyone else had the pleasure or ordering one and if they might have an offset available for trade and I have lots of stuff that may be of interest. Any help would be wonderfully appreciated :-))) Please message me.

Thank you and big hugs,


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  • dondeldux

    Hi Fred,

    I hope you find one, I had one but it got smaller each year and it finally died this summer. Lesson learned, when these special bulbs come up now and then, buy two of them!! Some of the more recent one I did buy two but unfortunately not Merengue. I also had a Rembrandt van Rijn that died this summer so this time I did buy two!!!


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  • lokai99

    I ADORE this one too Fred. I have even considered buying the cut flowers just to get some pollen. I also sent you a message. Anyone bloomed out a Merengue X? I wonder how strong genes are the shape of crossed blooms.

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  • blancawing

    Joey: Pollen is on its way to you.

    Fred: You have mail.

    Hugs to both,


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  • berkeleysgr8

    You're the best, Blanca!

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  • PRO
    Bulb in A Box

    Is someone still looking for it?

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  • berkeleysgr8

    Bulb in a Box, if you happen to have some spare cybister seed (from Merengue or others), I'd happy to try growing them.

  • PRO
    Bulb in A Box

    With cybisters as seed parents or pollen donors?

  • berkeleysgr8

    Any variation. If you have seeds you're willing to part with, I'd be happy to try growing them (I say "try" because none of my seedlings have reached maturity yet).

  • PRO
    Bulb in A Box

    :) Noted

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