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Seeds for Nyctanthes arbor-tristis?

Need2SeeGreen 10 (SoCal)
September 28, 2018
last modified: September 28, 2018


Does anyone have seeds for this plant?

Thank you.

Comments (7)

  • jasminegal

    Don't know a good source of seeds but logees and gardino nursery sell these plants.

    Need2SeeGreen 10 (SoCal) thanked jasminegal
  • Need2SeeGreen 10 (SoCal)

    Thanks! I will make a note of it. I hit up the local indie nursery to see if they can get it for me too.

  • Nannett Cepero

    I have seeds, if you are still interested.

    Need2SeeGreen 10 (SoCal) thanked Nannett Cepero
  • Need2SeeGreen 10 (SoCal)

    Hi Nannett,

    yes, thanks I will message you (assuming I can figure it out/it hasn’t changed).

  • Need2SeeGreen 10 (SoCal)

    Okay, I couldn’t figure it out yet, but meanwhile, I have seeds for moonflower (ipomoea alba), and some veggies. Anything particular you’re looking for? I don’t have much that is exotic though.

  • Nannett Cepero

    I'm all set, but thank you. Giving you these will be a good thing for me, I actually ordered the seeds twice, and the packages contained a lot of seeds, more than I can ever use. Now to find out how to send my email to you. I am not tech savvy but I will give it a try.

  • jasminegal

    You can message each other through houzz message. You have to change your settings in your profile though.

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