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val (MA z6)
November 4, 2018

If you are reading this thread and it's NOT nNovember 2018, this offer is expired (but look to see if there's one for the current month). Each month I will post a new thread if I have seeds to offer Houzz/GW members!

WELCOME to Gardenweb!

New to gardening? New to Houzz/GW? Just getting started or coming back to gardening again?

I have a number of packets this month -- Each has a variety of 25+ Flower or Veggie seeds to send out to those newbies who would like them, thanks to generous donations of several Houzz/GW gardeners.

TO PARTICIPATE, PLEASE READ ALL of this post, Make sure you FOLLOW the rules, and read the thread for UPDATES. If you dont follow each step, I will NOT respond to your message/post

1. Post your request HERE -- AND send me a Houzz message via Houzz private message. INCLUDE:
-- your Houzz name AND your REAL name, and address.
-- Tell me a little bit about you and your garden or soon-to-be garden. You do not have to post this publicly
--If you want flowers, veggies or a combination

This offer is for US only and Houzz garden members. It is a ONE time offer for newbies.

2. Please enable your message capability so you can receive messages. (See post below that Leila was nice enough to compile re:TECH HELP -including setting up messaging). It's a good idea to set this up so you can communicate and trade with other Houzz users, and this requirement is so that you have a chance to practice messaging.

3. To receive a mailer of 25+ varieties of seeds, you must send 9 “forever” stamps. I will provide bubble mailer.

If you prefer, you can send $7 via paypal; my paypal email provided upon request. Tell me which you prefer in your message.

The stamps/paypal you are sending pays for the postage to send your seeds to you, the bubble envelope I provide to send them in, and any extra help with extra supplies such as tape, ziploc seed baggies, etc. Additional donations are always appreciated!

4. The packet contents depends on what has been donated, but if you are looking for specific things, you are welcome to send a wish list. I may or may not have what is on your list. This project is to help get you started for a minimal cost. (You cant get more than 2-3 packs of seeds at the store or on line for this price)

PLEASE SEND YOUR STAMPS PROMPTLY once you get my address -- so I receive within TWO WEEKS. Dont use your business or a friend's address. We've had problems in this respect.

5. READ this thread for UPDATES;

This our our way to welcoming you to the GW/Houzz Garden Community! We look forward to getting to know you! We hope you will stick around and join in the trading and the chat and help build our community of gardeners into a larger base for sharing, learning, etc!

There is a thread for newbies here under the Seed Exchange -- feel free to post and join the fun! Introduce yourself and ask questions if you need help!

Have fun and Happy Gardening!

If you’re new to the forums and haven’t read this post, you might find it helpful:


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  • val (MA z6)

    Technical Help for Newbies


    Then go to ADVANCED SETTINGS (<<--click here)

    (located under “Account” on the left side of the “edit profile” page or at-

    https://www.houzz.com/settingsAdvanced )

    Scroll down to "Privacy settings"

    and select the option of “ALLOW ANYONE TO MESSAGE ME” under "Who can message me".

    click on "UPDATE" when you are done to store your settings.


    To add your growing zone:


    Look for - Climate Zone for Garden Forums - and fill in your zone.


    To make/edit your wants list:


    -Then click on the box under “My GardenWeb Trading List”

    -Type/paste in your seeds in a vertical list

    (much easier to read than a horizontal list with commas between).


    To access these settings:

    if you are currently logged in, click on your name anywhere on the
    site, or the “Your Houzz” button at the top right of any page.

    Then go to ===> Edit Profile ===> Advanced Settings (located under “Account”on the left)

    also, this page can be accessed by going directly to the web address - https://www.houzz.com/settingsAdvanced

    this is the page where you can edit your preferences, allow people to
    email you, list your growing zone, and fill in your have/ want lists.

    putting this together!)

  • Grey Castillo

    Hello! I will private message you my information, but I would love some seeds! I am new to gardening, and have recently started some tomatoes, peppers, and even apples indoors. They are all doing well so far! I've always wanted to have a huge veggie garden and am really excited for this chance!

  • val (MA z6)

    Grey, got your stamps, your package will go out beginning of next week.

  • glashaven

    Good evening. I was so glad to find this site after visiting Dave's Garden for the first time in years and realizing the seed trading isn't really active anymore. Could anything be better than a surprise package of seeds? LOL what a wonderful idea! I will send you my information privately. This is going to be fun.

  • Crystal Lewis

    This is very generous of y'all! I'll be messaging you shortly, thank you.

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