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Kitchen Design: Countertop Material Quartz or Granite

Courtney Feldt
November 4, 2018

Working though a million decisions on my new house and am finally stymied by countertops. Quartz or granite. I am drawn to matte finish and currently have Absolute Black honed countertops which look amazing with my cherry cabinets. However, they show every fingerprint. My new kitchen cabinets are also cherry, flooring vg fir, I have tons of natural light, and I am torn between a few different looks: Caesarstone Rugged Concrete (textured quartz), Pental Coastal Grey Honed, or sticking with Absolute Black granite but leathered finish. I am not drawn to shiny counters so I do not want gloss finish and I do not like a lot of movement in the countertop materials. I've read lots of terrible reviews about honed quartz but there's not a lot of info about the textured Rugged Concrete Caesarstone. I have a sample that is holding up well but it's so hard to tell with a coaster size sample.
Attaching a couple pics of my kitchen lay out. I have the Zephyr Anzio Hood going above the island. Thanks for your input.

Below is my current kitchen that shows AB honed with cherry and vg fir floors.

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  • barncatz

    If you search Houzz threads, you'll find some experiences with Rugged Concrete that were not good. Here's one thread link that contains another link to a second thread:

    Rugged Concrete Thread

    I'm not a kitchen guru but looking at your diagrams, I noticed a couple things. The first is your range in the island looks like it's directly opposite your sink. If someone is standing at the sink while someone else is opening the oven, that's an irritating choke point. I also noticed your refrigerator looks like it's against a wall. You need to be able to open the door wide enough that you can get drawers out for cleaning and access and a filler panel may be needed to insure that can happen. I also wondered about the single cabinet between the windows. It looks lonely to me and off balance. I wondered if you were trying to balance the fridge but I think it looks kind of stuck on in that spot.

    The forum has a wonderful thread full of info that I'll link for you in case you want to look it over.

    Kitchen Resource

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  • mainenell
    Yeah, that fridge is going to have a problem. Need about 6” between wall and fridge for full access to it.
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  • PRO

    I'm all for views but you won't be able to open the fridge doors fully.Too much view here, sorry.

    And in answer to you top question? The best look with your cabinets is SOAPSTONE. JMHO.

  • forevernow

    Well that window is awesome, but I have to agree with the others, the first thing I noticed was the fridge (because I am currently struggling with where to put mine in my place because there are so many doors and windows AND your layout looks very similar to what I'm considering) looking at the actual picture of your space I don't see how any fridge will fit there, even butted up against the wall. Are you getting something custom made for there? It looks like a very narrow area. If you wanted to keep it there you might need to change to a single door style.

    Anyway, I know you didn't ask about fridges, I wish I could help on the counters I haven't got that far yet myself but I will say that I really like gray if you are wanting a dark counter. Solid blacks (or whites) have a tendency to show everything, but gray is neutral color that hides a lot.

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  • wendipeake
    Courtney, it will be beautiful! I also think soapstone is amazing but a leathered black is also nice. Re: the fridge- if you find that it won’t fit consider inset into wall right side if facing huge window. Alternative is to loose the return lower cabinets on left side and buy integrated fridge/freezer flanking sink- one on either side (expensive ie sub zero) this alternative would involve a larger island in which you can offset the range. Both of the two suggested changes assumes 1) you can take ~36x24 of space in adjacent room, and 2) you have not already purchased your cabinets.
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  • sprtphntc7a

    how about Virginia Mist-leathered?

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  • Courtney Feldt

    thanks for all the input. Back to the countertop stores.

  • timothy burlage

    Hi Courtney

    What did you decide? Looking for recent experiences with the rugged concrete ourselves.

  • felizlady
    Omigosh...that is one gorgeous view. That view is like a huge, beautiful painting which will change with the seasons. The cherry cabinets will reference the tree trunks. I think I would go with a concrete-look counter because concrete won’t compete with nature. And I would bring in something green to reference the green on the slope.
  • poorgirl
    Hi there,
    Leathered black countertops has my vote because number one . I have had leather in 2 homes, they are amazing because that finger print is gone, but it your doing black the leathered foestntr have the same impact look as say a Brazilian granite where the crystal does the most texturing, black doesn’t leather as well as other materialit’s so consistent in my opinion
    I personally think black is better honed
    Ask for a sample of Honed and leather. As soon as you seal the honed the finger printing (oil from your finger tips) should be gone.
    Based on my own experience .
    Try it first and see what you like.
    If you do honed black also do the key scratch test. Most black granites scratch white or grey.
    Just check first before you vomit your dollars.
    What ever you choose , live it and everything around it

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