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Glass paneling on decks - northern climate

November 22, 2018

We live in northern Michigan and are considering glass panels on a new deck. Should we worry about them frosting over in the winter? All I can think about is my car windshield in the morning. If that were the case, it would significantly obstruct our water views.

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  • K Laurence

    I can only comment on the glass panels on my patio ( ocean view ) , So California, So no issue re frost, however, they drove me crazy constantly having to clean them weekly , but I’m a little OCD :)

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  • M V

    We live in Ontario Canada, and yes, the panels do frost up in cold weather. But clear very quickly once the sun comes around. Hope that helps.

    Still, I like them very much for the unobstructed view they offer (when not frosted!)

    One thing to consider....we had to put decals on ours as birds were flying into the glass. If you have a wild bird store they sell stickers that the birds can see (their eyes are different from ours) and it helps deter them from flying into the glass. The decals we have are virtually clear, but the birds can see them, so they aren't an eyesore from our perspective and they help keep the birds safer.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I have them in S. BC they rarely frost over but the same as above they clear fast when the sun shines.As for cleaning I find microfiber cloths and hot water make quick work of them a couple of times each summer after the initial clean in the spring.

  • Plant Love

    I live in an area that sees very long winters. They only frost up every now and then. And they don’t last when it warms up or the sun comes out. It can be -20 and they won’t frost up, probably just depends on humidity... but it’s been an extremely humid November here and I rarely see frost on them if that helps.

  • fnmroberts

    Live in northern IL and installed glass on ours 20 years ago. Rarely any frost because temperature and wind are equal both sides. Only clean occasionally. Very pleased.

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