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Boxwood Bronzing - Why and how to address?

3 years ago

We have boxwoods (Korean boxwood 'Winter Gem', I believe) planted on the south side of our home, along a retention wall, in North Scottsdale. They get full sun and are on an irrigation system. During their first summer, they fared well but this past summer of 2018 was a different story. When we returned to our home in October, the boxwoods in the more exposed areas along the wall were turning orange. They are now almost all orange. Note: the leaves are orange, or green with orange/red edges, not brown and dry.

When I asked the landscaper, he blamed it on winter bronzing, but these plants were green and thriving when we left in May, so the issue definitely occurred during the summer. Can boxwood get "summer bronzing" from too much sun and heat? Or is this a watering or disease problem? Can something be done to help them "green up"? I have tried asking at local nurseries but since boxwoods are not commonly grown in our area, I'm struggling to find someone who knows much about growing them here. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a photo taken in May. Note: the boxwoods are in the front row around the seating area. I have attached a couple other photos taken today (December).

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