Calling all detectives.....shop my living room

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I love this living room in Houzz. But (big BUT) it's in Russian!

I would love to reproduce it: similar but not identical. I'm on a serious budget (another big BUT).

I love the rug, the sofa, the red tables, the overhead light......

Yes, my living room is about that size (theoretically 8 x 12' 4", but the 8' depth extends a few feet into the kitchen.. It will be very bright. Don't plan on there being a whole lot of wall space, and for what there is, I already have some suitable lolly-gaggy, laze-in-the-sun prints.

I'm wondering where I can find these pieces.

Skip the drapes. A floor lamp will be more practical than an overhead (my ceilings are low).

I need a rug with pile (not jute or cotton-braided), since I'm living in a cold climate.

You could even re-do the similar (e.g. same idea), but maybe you could show how it goes together?

Photos below.

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